The Future Of Bluetail's Tales 2019

Hello everyone, its been a couple months since my last post on here on Empreya Part 2 so I hope that your all doing well these days an have been able to start off your year right. You probably have noticed some of the changes on the site as I am trying to give this site a fresh look an to make it a bit easier to get from post to post rather than before how you would have to scroll down through an article to easily get through the others so this new arrangement is obviously an improvement, at least I hope so.

Another change you have probably noticed is that I have finally removed all the past posts that have been about drama an that sort of thing to freshen up the site, along with moving it into a more positive direction as I have been distancing myself overall from that for about a year now.

As far as content to expect on this site at the moment I am unsure, because of all the guides an great content that is already out there in the community for people to use for questing guides, housing, PvP, crafting, and other wide topics of Wizard101 content. As far as my site goes since I created it in early July 2017 has been for content thats original for all of you readers to enjoy, through articles such as How To Live Like A PvP Warlord an content similar to that.

While I am still unsure about content, I am considering finishing an article that I never have been able to finish that was "Top 10 Community Events In The Spiral's History" which I think would be a really interesting article, and fortunately I still have some of the stuff for that so I will be able to get started with it soon. After that article I might do other top 10s in Wizard101 as I currently do see anyone else doing that so I dont see why not.

In the near future I may also be doing contests, and giveaways for the community so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

I would like to thank everyone that has continued to support an read this site even as I have been so off an on with it in the last year, thank you :)

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