Thoughts On Empreya Part 2

Overall my opinion of the new part of Empreya is quite impressive an there were a lot of really cool areas in it. I like how a lot of the old bosses were brought back but in a new way that was original than previous arcs. Oh an meeting Belloq again, was a a bit suprising didn't expect meeting him once again for the 4th time. I was able to get to level 130 in a couple days, so im officially a visionary making visions for the Spiral future of the spiral maybe? May make some theory posts in the future using my visionary powers.

                                                         Level 130

While I liked all of Empreya part 2 my favorite area by far was the Aeroplain village, thats my nickname for the area although ill let you guys guess what the real name is. Its my favorite area because its just a different fresh, and calm environment an while I love the other areas they just dont have that calm feel. Not every area needs it but its definitely nice to have it once an awhile.

                                                              On the new bat mount

In conclusion im very impressed with Kingsisle, the worlds just keep getting more an more interested as the storyline gets deeper an deeper over time an I look forward to see what the next storyline chapter will be in 2019 with arc for coming out so theres still a lot to look forward to.