1 Year Blogaversary, Retiring (For Now)

Just wanted to say everyone that I currently am taking a long break from blogging here. I enjoyed blogging when I first created this blog an I still do like doing it, but I find myself really busy going to streams, helping people quest, and spending time with friends that I just don’t have the time to blog much anymore due to that.

Another reason is simply because there’s already so many other people who do updates and other things coming to Wizard101 that I simply don’t see a point to write a blog about stuff that other people have already covered over an over. I mean they make great content but I just don’t feel like being a broken record and repeating it which is a problem I’ve faced ever since I made this site.

Also I find it more fun to simply vlog what I’m doing on social media and do my own thing without rambling on an on about topics in Wizard101. Also July 1st marked my first Blogaversary so I’m happy about that, but also I felt like my first Blogaversary an it’s been 5 months since I posted on here I thought it was time to go ahead and give you guys a summary of why I’ve stopped blogging for now.

People I Would Like To Thank For Helping Me Start This Site.....

I would like to first thank Edward Lifegem for helping to inspire me to set up this site an really motivate me to do it an helping me make this site. He also came to my first event I had through this site an I just really want to thank him for his support throughout when I made this site. While I strongly disagree with him on some of his views an ideas on things I still view him as a good friend of mine an I’d like to thank you for being so supportive of me Ed :)

I would also like to thank Frostcaller for making the banner for me on my site, and for also being supportive of when I first made this site. We didn’t exactly work out as friends but I appreciate his help and support.

Lastly I would like to thank you, all my readers for checking out my site an reading/commenting :)

I’m most certainly not going anywhere and will still be here in the community fully like I have but I’m officially putting a pause on this blog until further notice.

1 Year Blogaversary!!!!!!