Thursday, August 10, 2017

Speaking Out Against Recent Bullying Towards Me

Ok guys this blog post is intended to be brief but I need to talk to specifically the people who have been harassing me, bullying me. It hasn't happened for a bit on Twitter but this kind of thing has been happening on Wizard101, Discord, and YouTube for about the past 2 days and I'm honestly sick of it. If I give names though the bullying will get worse. All the bullying recently in those 3 places has been coming from people I don't even know, I've never done anything to you never disrespected you so if your going to bully me have a reason. Now I'm talking directly to the PGC, I'm sorry I resigned so soon after last nights incident, but I still believe the person who bullied me aka (Morgan) should be permanently banned from the group since I was targeted and bullied for something that shouldn't be tolerated anywhere. To people harassing me in the comments sections, I never post any comment that is intended to offend anyone this community already has enough drama in it throughout all the spectrums of it. All I post on Youtube is simply my oppinion so calling me names and making fun of me looks very bad and immature on your part, again I don't know you and I haven't offended you. On Wizard101 exactly the SAME THING I don't know you so I don't understand why you would go after me, I just walk into an area in Wizard City and I get harassed am I gonna have to go low-key in Wiz? Is this where people have gone? I mean since I've come back I will roughly say I come across 2 bullies at least a day and I'm sick of it.

Also with that their are people I stand with and people who I know stand with me.  Those are the people I care about, they can say stuff they don't like about me because they know me and can help me improve through advice. While I'm speaking about bullying against myself I'm also speaking of the recent bullying of others such as Tara Dawnbreaker, Edward Lifegem, Heather & Val every now and then, and plenty of other people in the community, although I don't want to upset them or say any details because I don't know them all and honestly its their business but I'm using them to make a point that this is an issue.

You may disagree but I agree with Edward Lifegem's beliefs about the bullying in the community, I honestly believe that we always will have bullies here and everywhere although there can be less. People can stop these kinds of things if they really care. As far as I know the #twizard community is alright at the moment so I'm not saying everything and everywhere is filled with bullying. Although on the PGC's discord its a mess, along with Tara's group discord, and even The Legacy Wizard's discord group, therefore making discord groups in the community a "toxic" place to be when the bullies are around.

Thanks for your time and reading my thoughts on the recent bullying directed at me and others.

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