Sunday, August 13, 2017

How To Live Like A PvP Warlord!

Well you guys today or tonight or whenever you read this this article since I've been piping more and overall improving at it on my road to the tourney leaderboards I decided to make a post that I can make at the top of my head and is going to teach you how to actually live like a warlord even if your not a warlord since lets just say I myself learned from other warlords in the spiral hope you enjoy!

Before we get into how to live like a warlord lets look at the average warlords personality. First thing is that they LOVE to show off anything an everything to friends and people they come across, and they have quite a bit of respect in the community for that reason. Warlords also love going to social events and spending time with other warlords. You also will typically find them very dedicated to PvP especially if their "new money" in the community, in fact dedicated to the point where they'll be in matches all night long yes I mean pvpin at 4 am. How does that go wrong? Well Cyrus will hit your head with a book if you fall asleep in his class so don't PvP till 4 am.


                                                 (The must wear robe for the warlord life)

Ok let me explain why the Commander robe is sooo important to truly living the warlord life. First off since the early days of PvP its always had a unique look to it that no other robe quite exactly resembles. Another reason is because it makes you look stronger just because of the armor look therefore giving a warlord kinda look. Another is because since its unlike every other robe it brings attention and pazaz all over the Spiral and often brings you instant respect without question since everyone envys you for that robe. I mean theres only so much you can explain about a robe other than that it brings you pomp and class to other warlords and random people you may come across.

Second thing in the warlord life, boosters are not included. Why you may ask? Cause they cheated and havent actually earned their rank like the Wizard101 communities very own Richard who as my post about was still boosting so he will just slump lower an lower from the warlord life and his popularity will fail soon since his rank isn't legit.

                                                                (Richard the booster)

Another thing you must have to truly experience the warlord life you need the ultimate PvP style dorm or house with all the PvP furniture to show off your ability to collect all the tickets for all those items especially the trophy cases. One thing about the warlord life is all about having PvP stuff to show off to your friends.

                                                            (Me in my PvP trophy dorm)

A side note to the last thing you need to experience the warlord life is you must have not a lot but at least a few trophies to put in your trophy cases, the more trophies you have the more of a true honorable warlord that you are.

(If you look at Val's dorm you can kinda see the trophies in the background, taught me warlord life)

Another thing is something pretty obvious but its that you need to win matches and tournaments to increase your rank, rank and tourney points is definitely the biggest qualification to be accepted into the warlord life style.

                                                    (Yea made 2nd place in the leaderboards)

Another thing thats important in the Warlord life is the social aspect with class , its definitely important for you to get some warlord friends that you can chill with on the daily. I definitely have struck a great friendship with my Warlord's crew below :).

                                              (My warlord crew.The Legacy Wizards)

Also to engage in the Warlord life you need to go to other peoples matches and give them a chance to show off their skills and also make friends, chat, learn different strategies in PvP and hey you never know what else.
                                                        (Watching my bro Val PvP)

Something else you probably will need if your doing social media, youtube, or hey what I'm doing a blog, Discord. You need a character drawing it raises peoples opinion of you in the Warlord life and also it boosts your confidence. On the Wizard101 Twitter be sure to check with our many artists such as Shelby The Wizard, Sophia Dream, Destiny Seagiver, Sassytoes, Fallon Leaf and many more who are currently taking commissions their costs are on their twitter pages.

                                                  (Banner done by Frostcaller himself)

Be sure to fully live that warlord life by visiting events hosted by wizards across the Spiral such as heatherthewiz1 on the daily or Edward Lifegem's events every dew months. Definitely boost your reputation as an elite community member and live the PvP warlord life.

                                                (Recent clip from Heather's daily stream)

Lastly in your quest to truly experience the PvP warlord life you need some a couple of fans who really are blown away by your commander robe, your badge, your stats, your umbra blade, or hey mebbe your red hair 0:

                                                          (Meeting some of my fans)

Good luck enjoying the warlord life! More articles coming soon! Keep up with me on twitter @bluetailchris!

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