Sunday, July 9, 2017

Where I'm going And When I'm Coming Back

GONE WITH THE WIND 7/10/17 - 7/30/17

Some of you already knew that when I came back on the last of June that I wasn't gonna be back long. Guys let me first start off that none of this is my choice at all , if I could I'd stay here forever and would never leave but I must leave for a bit.Why you may ask, well it's because I have to leave to visit my other parents 4 hours from home and the reason why I can't get on Wizard101 is because they have a "no internet" policy. Yes for the first part of the summer I did sneak onto Twitter quite a bit but I cannot do it this time because somehow they hacked into all my emails I logged onto the device I snuck on and my dad had to fix the entire thing so I'm going to be offline completely and will have no contact with anyone unless it's through my dad when I get to talk with him over the phone. I will not go into personal details about what being there is like for me unless your a good friend of mine although note that I do not want to be there because it's not pleasant for me. Another thing for everyone to know is that this is the last time of this crazy summer schedule, for those who don't know me during the school year yet, I go every 2 weeks for a weekend and I'm online everyday for 5-10 hours a day depending on if I have school stuff going on. Although rather than making this entirely sad even though it is quite sad for me to write it, I will go over some of the fun things I've been able to do since I've been back. Please accept my apologies for not making this clearer I got really wrapped up in being back home with all the people I care about in real life and online that I was having to much fun to dwell on the future. I would like to first off shout out to everyone who has been here for me since I came back and waited for me it means a lot to me, I feel like you guys are my family. One bit of advice is you never know how special people are to you until their gone and unfortunately once a year I have to face that fact so the next person your with remember that because you don't know how long you'll have them.

First thing I did was I was well make this blog which as I'm writing this needs a lot of work.

Met again with Tom and joined the bloggers club still dunno how to get that thing to show on here.

Next thing I did was achieve 624th  place in the 4th Age  Leaderboards

Meeting Shelby The Wizard, Kristen Is Wild, and more of the Phoenix Girls clan in Wizard101.

Filmed "The Next Girl" with Unicorn Productions.

Met Frostcaller in Wizard101 and got an EPIC BANNER FOR THE BLOG Oooh yea.

Got to be Val's 2v2 partner an won 100% like a BOSS that Heather's mouth fell open , by the way she rooted for us as well :)

Passed the 1000 tweet mark on Twitter.

Miss you all already but remember if you see me on Twitter or Wizards it's my dad who has been so kinda to cover for me while I'm away although there will be no blog posts.

I hope you guys will still be here when I come back this community means the world to me and Im So thankful that God put me here for all of you XD

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