Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Needed Apology To The Artists Of The Community

As many of you guys know I uploaded a video last week about when Cannonblast burned my drawing, and made a blog post about "clearing up" the drama. I would like to say that like everyone else I'm human I make mistakes and I made a big one here as all of you guys know. Im very sorry about the way I've acted towards all of you, some I've caused more trouble to than others and some less but regardless Im equally as guilty. I brought all this to myself when I have caused trouble with people in the past so I suppose that any hate I get or have gotten I deserve , although while I'm apoligizing to all involved I would like to mention some specific people that I really have wronged in the past week.

They are...

Steven Iceblade



Austin Icethorn


Kristen Wild




Noah Darkrider

If I have forgotten you please let me know, but these people so far are the ones who have been the most directly involved in my vast carelessness throughout the last week that I have no excuse for, because For once in my life I'm going to straight up say that I wronged everybody in some way shape or form and I ask for your forgiveness so that we can make amends and move on from my mistakes together.

Thanks for your time the community appreciates what the artists do for all of us , stay tuned for more posts in the future

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Well everyone yesterday I hosted my first official Wizard101 event and things went quite good, in this article Ill be summing up what we did, sort of like what I did for my K I live vlog a few days ago so I hope everyone enjoys :).

Ok so to start the event I went to the Commons realm Phoenix about 30 minutes before the event so the event.
                                                     "Me waiting in the Commons"

Alright so after a little bit maybe 15 minutes some people started showing up to the event and we had some fun talking about what we were going to do and more stuff along those lines.

                                                        "Chatting with the early birds"

     This is about 10 minutes before the event and a few more people showed to the event, here specfically we were planning out what we wanted to do and what order to do it in.

                                             "Getting everything planned out for the event"

Then about 6-7 minutes after everyone showed up we all teleported over to my house and started to get partying!
                                                "Everyone here and ready for some fun"

Well everyone had wanted to play castle games first so thats exactly what we did.

                                                           "Me as Sherlock Bones"

Well lets just say that this was definitely a very close game, and every had a lot of fun.

                                                       "Very close game everybody"

Alright so the next game everyone wanted to play was some good old fashioned Wildfire tag!

                                                        "Playing some Wildfire tag"

Congrats to Kelly Spiritblade for winning, I hope you got some good things from the pack.

                                                              "We have a winner"

As you'd expect a party where everyone wanted to play Castle games after wildfire tag then everyone wanted to play some food fight and as you can see my food got swiped a few times :D.

                                                                    "Food swipe!"

Well things got pretty tense here when the gobbler over there started to stare over at me, but then again its a food fight.
"Gobbler keeping an eye out"

Alright so what happened was the fire elves just set the snowmen on fire in this competition because fire school rules XD.

                                                         "Fire elves take the victory"

I just thought that as the gobbler was coming from the PvP arena he was looking just a bit upset so I thought I should show him this sign here.

                                                              "Very important sign"

Alrighty so next up was the PvP tournament portion of the event, and also I was very glad that Edward Lifegem from Around The Spiral With Edward was able to come to the event, I have his site link in my blogroll so be sure to check him out.

                                       "Watching the PvP tournament with Edward Lifegem"

After that match we had the 2nd match and in the end Cameron won I believe I may be wrong.

                                             "Second PvP match with Cameron and Caleb"

The last thing we did before the party was over was have one last PvP match with me versus Caleb although my computer crashed so we never knew who won or who lost but good game Caleb.

                                                                     "Last match"

That was the event I hosted yesterday, thanks to all who came based on how this event went I plan on hosting more events in the future although they will obviously be more planned out in advance since it won't be my first event next time.

I plan on the next article being a bit different so please stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


OK GUYS ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is officially going to be my first event that I'm hosting and I'm very excited about it. Ok so I will probably be around there at about 3:30 pm central tomorrow maybe earlier. We will be meeting in Commons realm Phoenix, I will be using one of my lower level wizards as a port bus so please bare me as I add everyone an get everyone ported over.

We will be having a PvP tournament as soon as everyone is there so be ready for that, we won't be doing a 4v4 tournament but rather a 2v2 to make things go quicker. Also feel free to start one of my castle games when ever you'd like or use my dungeons and talk. Although I will be having a no mount rule so that way people don't get kicked offline as easily.

There will also be a best dressed competition after the tournament so be ready for that, I will not be judging it to make it fair. I will ask 3 people attending to judge who the winners are for the best dressed in 1st, 2nd, and lastly 3rd.

After that we will have an after party depending on how much time has passed doing those 2 things, I will also be at Heather&Val's stream tomorrow so be sure to see me there already waiting XD

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My Opinions Of The Wizard101 Ddosing Drama

These are my opinions if you disagree thats ok but for heavens sake keep it to yourself, I'm sick of getting spammed with hate. If you want to go after me you can rest at night since other people already are so just leave me alone or talk to me about your thoughts RESPECTIVELY :D. Also I am only showing screenshots of what I know to Kingsisle directly.

Ok first things first, there has been a lot said added and done on this issue in the past week as all of you know. I honestly believe that it needs to stop, for good since its first off illegal and second off people are loosing a lot of money over this can't say it simpler than that. Now the drama part over YouTube which I have felt the effects quite a bit since it started, but I know the reason why it started or theorize it. Its because Dakota Earthhorn along with Pigeon Patrol have been doing they dosing because "they hate wiz", Dakota has only included talking badly about Heather&Val in his videos is purely to DISTRACT the community for his own involvement with Pigeon Patrol and dosing Wizard101.

Pigeon Patrol according to 101 updates says that the reason why they started dosing Wizard101 was simply that their "pet failed at mega". I know they are both working hand and hand because A evidence today has been published that Dakota officially has also ddosed Wizard101 proof is on Heather&Val's channel, I personally went to Pigeon's discord with Dakota in it and based on people in it begging for Wizard101 to be ddosed for 24 hours they may have more to come but I cannot confirm anything although I can confirm that 101updates information he gives on  Pigeon Patrol is correct since last Thursday he told me that Pigeon Patrol was planning a dos attack on the 8th or 9th of this month.

There are a few more things that I know but I don't think I need to explain it all to all of you guys especially since this article was supposed to be my oppinion on the dos, now I'm going to have messages directly to Pigeon Patrol and Dakota.

Pigeon Patrol, you need to stop this whole thing of dosing Wizard101 because if you don't there is a possibility legal action will be taken since in the United States dosing is illegal and you can be arrested of it.

Dakota, We obviously have had beef for a long time and it showed last night we obviously still do. You got banned from Wizard101 you were quite happy about it, and if you "hate wiz" so much why can't you move on? Why are taking so much time and money from millions of people? Theres no point you just need to move on, consider a job, getting a high school diploma, college, SOMETHING else that betters yourself. You need to stop stirring drama with my friends and then bringing it to myself. Although if you ever actually do move on from making trouble in this community remember this, to get love and support from people you need to give it to other people. You have to show a smidge bit of respect which you showed absolutely none last night and when you almost got me banned, and when you just made a ton of uneccisary drama you just need to get yourself together. Last night you called me a "childish wiz head" well you obviously are more childish than me if your going to repetitively dos a company with Pigeon Patrol. Although its your choice if you want to continue this drama and dosing Wizard101 and just make hate videos about Heather&Val (even though they didnt do ANYTHING TO ANYONE) , or myself, and maybe Blaze Lifehammer since you can't even get along with him, because it doesn't make anyone look bad but yourself . Ill tell you this if you do continue all the stuff the consquences will catch up to you, I do not know what the consequences will be but i guarantee they will be serious since what your doing is quite serious. You said in your video you said "i can't wait until everyone grows up and is officially done with wiz" well you obviously aren't following that which makes it look like your trying to cover the fact you haven't grown up, lastly I have proof you spied on me for months through yourself and friends so don't try me I'm not the "kid" you think I am.

I hope the dosing will stop soon, and I also hope that the drama will stop so that myself and many others in our community can be able to not feel the effects or as many that they are right now. In the meantime I appreciate all that Kingsisle is doing to combat the attacks and have been working so hard to make things the best they can for the community and care so much about whats best for all of us.

Be ready for more blog posts soon!

Friday, September 8, 2017

10 Tens On How To Control Yourself In PvP

Ok guys todays article is about something you should be able to understand but its pretty basic stuff on how to BEHAVE yourselves in PvP and I admit I could probably learn a thing or to from this article. The idea of this article actually goes to my good friend Mora Misthead from Duelist101 who wrote a similar article about this fairly recently and I found it quite interesting and based on the people on Twi

                                                  "Myself of course the one and only"

1.     1st thing is that you obviously need to is take a deep breathe before a match after you check and make sure you got everything you need for the match.

2.     2nd thing is that you need to remember that you may be faced with someone higher rank than you which could you mean they have more chance to beat you but refrain from typing stuff you'll regret.

3.     3rd thing is that you need to try your best at the match in a calm way don't get to worked up especially if you can't cast your spell.

4.      4th thing is even if someone is setting which I know for a fact people Set and its really annoying and unsportsmanlike but you got to control yourself and realize its just one match.

5.      5th this doesn't apply as much as it used to but please don't dispel spam or dispel shield because its not sportsmanlike because remember the art of PvP is a sport and its important to be sportsmanlike but also for you to be respectful even if your on your last nerve with these spammers.

6.      6th thing is that if someone rage quits in a match don't get to excited just maybe let out a yes or a calm cheer.

7.       7th thing is that if you feel like someone is "cheating" in a match you should question them respectively but if they handle it negatively just don't say anything else.

8.        8th thing is that if you get reported especially for no reason just go ahead port out and let Kingsisle know that it was a false report and explain what happened, works everytime.

9.         9th thing you want to know is to never start talking badly to your opponent even if they are private an your an overlord (like myself) since it is also unsportsman like which in the end makes you look bad.


Hope you enjoyed these top ten tips, hope your ready for future articles.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Kingsisle Live Vlog!

Last Thursday I went to Kingsisle live, it was quite a fun event to go and I definitely enjoyed it!

The First thing I did was meet up with Thomas Lionblood, aka Dworgen about 30 minutes before the stream started. I definitely took them some work to get the camera set for the program which was why we started about 2 minutes late, but the picture was great.

                                        "Waiting with Thomas Lionblood before the stream"

Right before the stream started we did have some extra people come along, even though they first started showing Trition Avenue.

                                                     "Extra Visitors for Kingsisle Live"

Right after the stream started as you can see I suppose more people knew where we were even though where we were wasn't on camera till later x. x.

                                                 "Small crowd after Kingsisle Live Started"

Ok so after they showed that K I live was in Triton Avenue everyone showed up there real quick andI mean EVERYONE, as you can obviously see below I tripped since there were so many people at the event.

                                                     "Tripped in a battle in Triton Avenue"

After a little while we then went to Tom's house to do one of his dungeons although unfortunately I didnt make in but all is good XD.

                                              "Waiting for everyone to start the dungeon"

Asking questions to pass time while everyone else was in the dungeon, having some fun also.

                                                                       "Having fun"

I don't know what you think , but that shark is looking mighty hungry as we continue to wait for the dungeon being completed

                                                     "My shark is looking hungry"

In the end I had a great time at the event, I was very honored also to be able to teach Kingsisle how to dab. Thats all we did , but we had an absolute great time and I'm very excited to see the birthday stream this month!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Is Merle Ambrose Hiding Something? (FanFiction)

This was originally going to be just a vlog, but I decided to make it into a FanFiction based off what I found a few weeks ago with how I caught a Richard character with boosted rank which is all posted in a separate article, I dont know if his rank has been reset, but I thought id take something I found an make a story with it out of this adventure. Everything but the actual part of me finding Richard with boosted rank was reset isn't real real and is purely made as a fan fiction for your enjoyment. Also if you want to know how to live like a Warlord check my article out on How To Live Like A PvP Warlord.

Well guys today were going to be investigating the very own Ravenwood's Headmaster Merle Ambrose from some suspicions, my team  and I have been well lets just say investigating around Wizard City looking for strange things that we see from our old buddy Ambrose.

                                         "Us heading to the Commons to pay Merle a visit"

Well now we're in the commons, but of course we're not just gonna ask the headmaster of Ravenwood the school we graduated if he's doing evil I mean you just dont do that, plus he may not be the guy we should be investigating in the first place. Perhaps the most important reason we're planning in the commons is purely that we need evidence. These suspicions are based off a crime wave of PvP rank boosting and we believe that Merle Ambrose may not have a legit Warlord rank.

                                            "Planning/Finding evidence to confront Merle"

Now we're doing what any investigator would do, eavesdropping since we gotta know who is part of this secret rank boosting group, who are the minions? Who is the boss of this PvP exploitation? We then headed to Wu realm so that way we can here what fellow warlords know about this secret boosting.

                                        "Eavesdropping on the Warlords/ Asking questions"

Then I decided to give an old enemy a call and see what he may know about the recent talk amongst warlords, I dont think he was to interested in answering my questions towards the investigation since he was dead silent getting ready for a tourney maybe or ranked match, we may never know.

                       "Me asking continuing my investigation with a silent Dakota Earthhorn"

We've gained enough evidence to question Merle Ambrose in his office, although well things pretty much dried up from there. Merle explained what he knew about the recent issue with the secret society of rank boosting in the PvP and well its obviously not him.

                       "Merle Ambrose telling his side of boosting and answering our questions"

Well we've been investigating all day so obviously we need a coffee break so we're of course gonna get coffee in the Shopping District but keeping our eye out for anyone suspicious.

                                                             "Taking a coffee break"

Are you kidding!!!!!!!! Whhhhhhyyyyyyy do we have to go to the Death School like this investigation could get REEEAALLLY creepy really quick I mean you never know what goes on at the Death school. Especially Death Tower realm scarecrow, although this could lead us somewhere in our investigation.

                                                                "Going to Nightside"

Well we're here and of course I'm slower than all of them even though I'm the Warlord here. Who'd ever heard of a slow warlord? Not me.

                                                    "Just entered Nightside but I'm slow"

Well we've got what seems to be a henchman following us around across Wizard City. This could lead us closer to who is responsible for this but this could also end badly. We dont know who he is so we dont know what to expect.

                                                 "Inquiring why someone is following us"

Well it looks like he definitely won't talk, we've got a prime suspect even though we dont know anything about the fellow. We do know that if he's following us and won't tell us why, and we're investigating a secret rank boosting operation, hmmmmmmmmmmm.

                                                      "Got a suspect that won't talk"

Oh no a team member has just been kidnapped! What do I do? Where do I go? I knew something wasn't right about someone following us during the investigation. If someones willing to kidnap someone over something like this there must be a reason and I must save Bailey and somehow end this secret rank boosting society.
                                              "OOOH NOOO SHES BEEN KIDNAPPED"

Ok I've made it, now to make this henchman answer our questions as to who he's working for, motivation and all that jazz. This is going to be very tense and I may have to challenge this henchman to a 1v1 for further progress in the investigation and to save Bailey from this fella.

                                                         "Confronting the henchman"
IVE GOTTA MOVE FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUSTICE MUST BE FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                 "This henchman must be brought to justice!"

                             "Just NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

Well I've gotta get a friend to help me confront the henchman, save Bailey, and bringing this boosting society to JUSTICE!!!!!

                                                      "Getting some people to help"

Could this be oh oh oh! The boss??????????? The one and only Richard!!!! The leader of boosting. This can't be good.

                                                           "bumping into Richard"

Yep we definitely have a suspect, now we just gotta find Bailey and make sure she's ok. Then this case will be closed.

                                                          "Yea we gotta rank booster".

After a lot of questions, bringing to justice, calling the police of the Spiral, Merle Ambrose and TONS of others Bailey was saved!

                                                     "Bailey has been saved case closed"

The investigation has been completed we have found the leader of this secret boosting society has been caught although while in questioning he answered fairly similar to the theory Its Anthony had made about how Richard boosted.


A Needed Apology To The Artists Of The Community

As many of you guys know I uploaded a video last week about when Cannonblast burned my drawing, and made a blog post about "clearing up...