Sunday, July 9, 2017

Where I'm going And When I'm Coming Back

GONE WITH THE WIND 7/10/17 - 7/30/17

Some of you already knew that when I came back on the last of June that I wasn't gonna be back long. Guys let me first start off that none of this is my choice at all , if I could I'd stay here forever and would never leave but I must leave for a bit.Why you may ask, well it's because I have to leave to visit my other parents 4 hours from home and the reason why I can't get on Wizard101 is because they have a "no internet" policy. Yes for the first part of the summer I did sneak onto Twitter quite a bit but I cannot do it this time because somehow they hacked into all my emails I logged onto the device I snuck on and my dad had to fix the entire thing so I'm going to be offline completely and will have no contact with anyone unless it's through my dad when I get to talk with him over the phone. I will not go into personal details about what being there is like for me unless your a good friend of mine although note that I do not want to be there because it's not pleasant for me. Another thing for everyone to know is that this is the last time of this crazy summer schedule, for those who don't know me during the school year yet, I go every 2 weeks for a weekend and I'm online everyday for 5-10 hours a day depending on if I have school stuff going on. Although rather than making this entirely sad even though it is quite sad for me to write it, I will go over some of the fun things I've been able to do since I've been back. Please accept my apologies for not making this clearer I got really wrapped up in being back home with all the people I care about in real life and online that I was having to much fun to dwell on the future. I would like to first off shout out to everyone who has been here for me since I came back and waited for me it means a lot to me, I feel like you guys are my family. One bit of advice is you never know how special people are to you until their gone and unfortunately once a year I have to face that fact so the next person your with remember that because you don't know how long you'll have them.

First thing I did was I was well make this blog which as I'm writing this needs a lot of work.

Met again with Tom and joined the bloggers club still dunno how to get that thing to show on here.

Next thing I did was achieve 624th  place in the 4th Age  Leaderboards

Meeting Shelby The Wizard, Kristen Is Wild, and more of the Phoenix Girls clan in Wizard101.

Filmed "The Next Girl" with Unicorn Productions.

Met Frostcaller in Wizard101 and got an EPIC BANNER FOR THE BLOG Oooh yea.

Got to be Val's 2v2 partner an won 100% like a BOSS that Heather's mouth fell open , by the way she rooted for us as well :)

Passed the 1000 tweet mark on Twitter.

Miss you all already but remember if you see me on Twitter or Wizards it's my dad who has been so kinda to cover for me while I'm away although there will be no blog posts.

I hope you guys will still be here when I come back this community means the world to me and Im So thankful that God put me here for all of you XD

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Filming A Wizard101 Movie (Vlog)

Well everyone I hope you enjoyed my last post about the Top 10 updates in Wizard101 if you haven't read it id recommend to check it out :D. Ok so todays post is going to be about an adventure I had with a Wizard101 film crew group Unicorn Productions, you can see them from their official site linked here ( ). In this post ill be describing in a story like fashion about how exactly we filmed it and how everything fell into place. The captions below represent the pictures above just so thats clear to everyone.

The first thing we did was get to planning on which of their houses we were filming in and working on the set props for the movie. It was pretty difficult because we were trying to make a hotel which meant rooms for people to stay in so we used quite a bit of walls from castle blocks.

                                                              ( Setting up the house )

The next thing that we did even though I DID NOT like it very much because it is a very serious thing in my mind and that thing was that I had to change my outfit for the film and i may have argued for a few minutes mobbed but in the end i sighed and said ok to it so after that i ended up looking like this for the film when they approved.Yes they let me keep my hair :P

                                                       (Pictured my uniform in the film)

After we got that squared away the next thing was to get my clothes dye approve , and yes as you can see she decided to watch me her details for my character in the film were very very specific, although keep in mind we still had a lot to do before we started filming, and then as seen in the picture above i ported back to Deirdre to see what was taking so long.

(Dying my uniform for the film)

For the film we had multiple areas so after all the clothes were dyed now we had to patch up some finishing touches on the lobby to make sure that it had that hotel kinda feel inside, and as you see above she hadn't quite finished the second floor just yet but we were still setting up which actually took 2 hours longer than filming it due to working on the scripts and also working on the set up and clothes for the play.

   ( Working on the hotel lobby)

(As you see ole Deirdre is still kicking with setting up the floors and doing what she does best decorating houses.  x. x)

Then as you can see below I got a bit excited and said "ya its my big brake after all" but instead i got a " no xd", and that " its a test to see how well you do" she got me out of the clouds quicker than you can say spiral I guess thats what employers do in the real world? Not quite sure but I'm assuming that this was coming when it was time for me to get a job one of these days I mean after all I'm only in high school.

(Reality check)

Then after my " reality check" we then started setting up what was supposed to be the dining area of the hotel on the second floor, the rugs as one would expect were only a start to decorate the restaraunt part of the hotel, there was several parts of the play in the hotel rooms themselves, outside , and also in the lobby area of the hotel.

Well then after that things started getting a little slow , and my good friend Brandon (aka @branwildblade from twitter) had just come online on his ice wizard , and Deirdre and Courtney were talking about needing more people so then I told them I had a friend come on and asked them if he could join they said yes, so I then asked him if he was interested an he said yes as well so this worked it out pretty nicely. So then we had a lot of fun chilling while the girls were figuring out scripts and stuff, like this production group worries about every little detail trust me.

   ( Chilling while getting the scripts and plot ready)

Well we chilled for quite awhile before we were heading downstairs to the hotel rooms and then outta no where Brandon asks Deirdre to move a chest of drawers and I'm like why do we need to move them and boy did we all get surprised after that. Apparently behind those draws there was a whole secret floor I mean whoa! I have been playing Wizard101 for 7 years now and I never found this out until now I wonder what other secrets I'm missing hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

(Jungle House boat secret area)

Now we had gotten all the sets ready FINALLY I mean it had taken forever just to get all that situated, ok so now we were assigning roles and practicing some of the scenes before we actually had started filming the official movie although we also planned out some extra stuff to add basically the final planning and the girls telling us what were supposed to do in the film since , well as I said we chilled while they went over all that.

(Getting the final details in)

Ok so now were officially getting into our beginning poses for the movie at long long last and were about to start filming the first scene of the film.

(Getting into our poses)

Just checking on whats going on up here and if everyone is in pose or not for the start of the film getting everyone in place was a little difficult but it most certainly did not take as long as when we 
were decorating.

( Checking everyone )

Now we were all in pose about to await our adventure in the film on this cruise line with Brandon as our captain , and Courtney and I the snobby couple of the play as you can see below and let me tell you a lot happens in this play in its 26 minute duration.

(Finally filming)

Now we are officially getting that camera rolling, still not quite in the boat yet because well the captain never said we could get on it, plus my character in the play is not to happy to go on this cruise with his grandmother and his wife.

(Getting ready to get on the boat!)

This was the last scene I was able to be in before I had to go out and eat with my family since well I was on vacation after all and theres no way you can refuse a large stuffed crust Pepperoni Pizza at Pizza Hut I mean theres just NOOOOOO WAY! This scene is when we are waiting in line to pay for our rooms onboard the ship.

(Waiting in a line while we pay for our room and pick up the key)

While I was busy stuffing Pizza in my mouth suprisingly Brandon decided to take over my role until I  got back and he looks just like me, I was a bit shocked to come home and see that I had a twin and even said exactly the same kinds of things I would say so when I went back and watched it when it was released it took me a second to realize it wasnt me. Although the question is that why did they let him wear the commander robe but not me? Answer ill never know.

(Secret twin?)

The next and last scene I was able to be in for this movie after I came back home , because of? (You'll find out soon). Here we were having desert at the hotel right before we all started accusing each other of who was responsible for the murders that were going on at the hotel the rest after this scene I wasn't able to participate in.

(Eating dessert and chatting)

Now before I tell you what happened and why I missed the last part I would like share some funny things from this scene maybe you'll let out a laugh, mobbed you will only let out a chuckle although your gonna have to look through first.

Still can't believe they let me get away with that but as you see I'm wearing my grumpy warlord badge above so I thought I could use it in the film and no one caught it. By the way I do wish I was a real PVP warlord as I've tried and practiced but I still haven't mastered it not quite sure why though.

Lets just say I was a bit shocked when the Grandmother character in the film ordered Prune pudding for dessert I mean who does that?!

After that I can say I found out some secrets about Grandma's across the globe, they only eat stuff thats healthy or sounds healthy. Just kidding I know grandparents eat a lot of stuff thats not prunes or prune related.

Yea while this argument was staged but I still felt like it was real while typing it.

And they spelt my name right this time I definitely appreciated that :D the last movie I was in with them is called Mercury's Plight where they put in my name Chris Bluetail I had wanted my full name but I wasn't that upset about it.

Ok so now its time for me to tell you where exactly that I went and that was that the power went completely out in the middle of the movie and it didn't come back on until 12am and we definitlely knew when it came on because all the lights turned back on in our rooms so yea it was back, below is a picture of how creepy the living room is at night without power, and yes we shined the flash light on our deer trophy.

So thats all I have on the film I hope you can watch it, although before watching I would like to let all my readers know while it is generally a calm play there are some scary scenes so viewer discretion is advised anything that I didn't say in the play has nothing to do with me it was a free kinda script style, but still I had a lot of fun making this with my friends XD.

A side bonus, today I had the honor of meeting Frostcaller (another blog I have on my blogroll)  inside the Ice tower and has been nice enough to make another one of his amazing banners for my blog I'm dying to see it Frostcaller its gonna be epic!

Please comment what you thought, constructive criticism is fine but I would appreciate everyone to keep their comments respectful as I have put a lot of my time and effort into these articles until next time :D

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Top 10 Updates in Wizard101

So I finally was able to finish this article, the sites i used for this article were and wizard101central. I hope all of you enjoyed look forward to more posts coming soon.

Top 10 Biggest Updates In Wizard101 History

Well today I have another unique article idea, today we will be looking at the biggest updates in the history of the spiral courtesy of Kingsisle's update archives on the wizard101 website. I will be ranking these top ten updates by importance and how they changed the way things are in the spiral forever , from something entirely new added or something that was majorly changed. I hope you enjoy please feel free if you have a different top 10 update list.

NUMBER 10  Sept 2010, Celebrity Guest  ( Selena Gomez )

When this update came out I had only been on Wizard101 for a month but this update was such a big deal back then that even I found out about almost right after it came out and rushed to do the quest from Halestrom Balestrom "Round and Round" named after Selena's newest songs at the time. It attracted people to the spiral as well because when the update first came out there was contest to win a poster signed by her which brought more attention. Here is a picture of the update below.

The reason why I put this update on this list is because of the publicity that this update brought and also brought many people to the spiral through Selena promoting Wizard101 therefore paving the way for it to be the over 40 million people that play today. Another celebrity ( Nick Jonas) that was brought along to promote the new world of Wintertusk back in 2011 also paving they way to grow the community you can see him in Northguard.

NUMBER 9   March 2009, Wizard101 Finds Its Voice And The Shared Bank

When this update came out I was not on Wizard101 but in mid 2009 I kept up with the updates and the Wizard101 website till I was able to get a new computer in August the next year and officially start playing. I find it to be an important update because according to the Wizard101 website it says " the first two worlds in wizard101 now feature voices" which is very important in questing even today I can't think of a time when they didn't. The second part of this update was shared bank, the shared bank changed the spiral because now we could move gear, houses, stuff to a higher or lower wizard therefore not having to buy everything over on a new wizard making it much much less complicated.Part 1 and 2 are seen as pictured below.

NUMBER 8  March 2014,  Team up and Dungeon Recall

Most of us probably remember this update including myself, but this feature changed questing forever for group questers, because now you didn't have to wait until a group literally came to the dungeon or bang up on your high level friends all the time , and also you were able to recall your dungeon if you got defeated or had to leave for some reason rather than having to walk all the way to the dungeon and start over. This update was crucial for a more efficient way of questing but is especially helpful in the higher world since bosses are a lot more complicated and require teams more than they used to, below you can see pictures describing other specific small changes it made along with its big changes.

NUMBER 7 May 2010, Advanced Pets

This was just a few months before I started playing Wizard101 officially and during this time i was keeping with updates and things like that so technically I remember when this was released just didn't know that it was as big a change as I first thought WAY back then. This update was when pets were first released into the spiral along with the then new Pet Pavillon which brought, pet training, hatching, Pet derby (the original purpose for pets before they started carrying the insane stats they have today), pet snacks, pet statistics. This was a long update so ill just show a picture for the first 2 parts of the original update.

You cannot disagree that Pets have hugely changed the spiral and that pets have become more important over the years that this update paved the way for several other updates such as when you could train to Mega in 2012, or when in  April 2015 when you could add jewels to your pets. Pets changed the spiral forever as they brought more power in damage, resist, critical, block. Pets are crucial in both pvp and questing.

NUMBER 6  December 2010,  Celestia Opens

Celestia Opens is coming in at the 6th biggest update in the Spiral's history.  this update was a very big deal when it first came out, because first off this was the update that released Celestia the first world of the second arc, and brought many important stats we still use today such as critical, block, and the Astral schools. Another thing that made this a big update was the "hype" that Kingsisle gave it through things such as advertisements, Ravenwood News, Kingsisle's Youtube channel and many other ways to promote the big update which in the end was exactly what we were waiting for . Last but not least don't forget that this update also brought us the first offcial gear set up Waterworks gear that we used until Tartarus came out with Khrysalis Part 1 in 2013.

Pictured below are some of the major updates this update brought

While in recent years some of the important updates from this update such as critical, and block have become less important now then they were then,  although they still are used some of the time they still helped pave the way for future stats such as armor piercing. Some of the updates are definitely still very important today such as the astral schools, because without them our spells would have less damage This update was a really REALLY big change for stats and changed stats forever.

NUMBER 5  April 2015,  Jewel Socketing

This update was a very big deal when it came out, because now wizards could simply put in a jewel on their pet, athame, amulet, Spell deck, and in mid 2016 Aquila pack wands. These jewels changed regular questing but they mostly changed the PVP along with the previous update of Darkmoor back in November of 2014. Before Jewel socketing pets were not as "important" in PVE or PVP because you couldn't give your pet those extra stats, for example back before this update came out you probably had about 10 pierce although with sockets that you could put on your gear you could get 42 pierce. Whats even more crazy is the pet damage increase this update brought for example if you get the right the jewels you can increase your pet damage by at least 3 to 6 which was a big increase especially after the already big increase of damage from the then new Darkmoor gear which led to 3rd Age PVP that probably had some problems caused by all the new gear but in the 4th Age Kingsisle is fixing quite a few but thats a different article altogether.

Pictured below jewel socketing.

NUMBER 4  May 2009,  Castles and Lands

People like myself take this for granted, because its to wrap your mind about what the Spiral was like before castles, since there were no castles you would have to carry everything you owned in your backpack which was not the 150 backpack space we have now. Without the housing update we would have no where to put our stuff and no where to call our own. Another thing that bringing housing into the spiral has brought in later years are things Gardening in late 2010 , and Castle tours in 2013. Details about the update pictured below.

Another part of this update that is included based on castle tours is the current system of marking an area , teleporting to an area, and then being able to teleport to the main area of a world or your own home. This part of the update as well as the castle is definitely just as useful and handy as when it came out. Pictured below the ports system.

 NUMBER 3 December 2010 Gardening

Im sure that we all have gardened at some point wether its evil magma peas, couch potatos, or jewel plants although many of us including myself remember when gardening first came out and how it changed the spiral. This update when it came out was one of the main activities to do when not questing other than PVP, train pets, or spend time at your castle. This update maybe considered a more minor update by some but its impact was very huge, and the reason why I say that is because several other activities that gardening started such as fishing in 2013, and Daily Rewards in 2016. Pictured below the gardening update.


The next 2 updates in my opinion are the very very very most important updates ever seen in the Spiral well as I'm working on this article at least, for this you may want to get your breath maybe get a drink of water because this part is going to be epic.

NUMBER 2 April 2009, PVP Rankings And New items

Wizard101 PVP was probably the biggest update that helped form the Wizard101 community it was what most of the Youtube section of Wizard101 Community is centered on although yes there are lots of other Wizard101 content but PVP will always be apart of it. Another thing that made the PVP update such a big deal was firstly that it was a competition which was expanded on when tournaments came out in 2013 with the 2nd Age , and secondly because it brought people together. If PVP hadn't been introduced into Wizard101 things would definitely be different and thats what makes PVP important, PVP gives people goals for to achieve in the Spiral in a fun and challenging way even though PVP has had some issues in the past currently they are being improved as when I'm writing this article we are at the dawn of a new age in PVP the 4th Age o:

Below is a picture of when Wizard101 first introduced the "football" of the spiral

The second part of why I say that PVP is such a big deal is how much you see when you simply search Wizard101 PVP it just goes to show that the importance of PVP will never die in this community even though PVP Youtuber's come and go their days in the PVP community will always be apart of all the PVP legends the spiral has seen in its days.

                                                                     OCTOBER 2009

This is by far the biggest update in Wizard101, I was not playing at this time yet but I was still  keeping up with the website until I could get a computer to play it, so I kinda remember this update but I don't know what the spiral looks like without the Crown Shop. Its been the seed for every single new piece of gear mount or accessory since it came out I mean there's just no simpler way to put it.

Thanks for reading this article on the top 10 updates in Wizard101 history i've worked hard on preparing this for the past few days so I'm very glad you guys are able to read it now if you've noticed I've also been working on improving the layout of the blog so please bare with me as I get more settled in the blogging community thanks again all.

 P.S If I have any fans yet, shout out to Paige Moonshade for giving this awesome autograph of my name that sounds awkward but well you gotta admit she's got a way with that note pad XD

Monday, July 3, 2017

A Few Places To Glitch In Wizard City

Today I spent some time with a new twizard friend @Meganicebreeze and she showed me some of the glitches throughout Wizard City. Glitching into things though are more difficult than you think especially when your trying to glitch yourself into something.

                                                (Megan's Evergreen Bundle Glitch)

The first glitch in Wizard City is the classic but still unique shopping district glitch but you may think were just going over the fence by Elik's Edge? Nope, well not exactly because Megan had to glitch through the fence to get to the top of the island that views over the shopping district she then used her mount to get up to the island as seen below.

                                                            (Shopping District Glitch)

The second glitches she showed me today is the classic Olde Town glitch in the little cell under the walk way she went towards the bars a few times and then she was in so this is a no problemo glitch to get through as shown in the picture you could see everything under the road on my dragon mount and we saw lots of FEET as pictured below.

                                                                 (Olde Town glitch)

The last glitch she showed me was glitching on Baldur Goldpaw's boat this glitch was a bit more tough because of its angle and distance in so we did it in steps. The first step was to glitch over to the side of the mountain next between the first tower in Olde Town and the boat as you see pictured below.

                                                                       "Side glitch"

The next step was unfortunately to get off and then glitch back on it BUT we had to get to the middle of the boat this time, Megan actually glitches first under the boat and then she moved to the center of the boat therefore accomplishing our goal as pictured below.

                                                                     "Center glitch"

These 3 glitches I have shown you today are few of many found throughout the spiral I myself do not know all of them although the most common form of glitching in the spiral is castle glitching but thats an entire subject that I don't have experience in unfortunately.

I hope you enjoyed this article please feel free to comment what you thought constructive criticism is fine but please show respect :)

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Making A Name For Yourself In Wizard101

How To Make A Name For Yourself In Wizard101

Well since I'm not quite sure what you guys like seeing the most on here I thought it would be best to post about something that has never been posted about a topic quite like this in this guide to the best of my knowledge talk about how to make a name for yourself in Wizard101 in a few key ways and steps to achieve the goal.
                                     (Pictured above is me with The Legacy Wizards Oct '16)

So you've read the introduction you think you've got what it takes? Well lets get started then but the biggest thing you need to do is commitment if your not committed you will not be able to achieve this goal , because it is very time consuming but the people you meet along the way are worth it. The first thing you need to do is "network" with big names in the community which is a lot easier said than done . You can do that by keeping up with what their up to in the spiral, and keep up with when they are hosting an event or party or looking for people to help with something. This step is crucial because the bigger the networking you do the more people that you know therefore leading to the goal, and also making some good friends along the way. 
                                          ( Taken at Edward Lifegem's Bunny Run '17)

Ok so you've met some people maybe gone to an event or two. Now you need to start talking with them, and getting to know them just like you would in real life, but be sure you use your manners because i guarantee you that if you are rude to someone, bully, or anything else someone else will hear about it and you've lost a connection and friend which will set you back in your quest to make a name for yourself. 
                              ( Pictured above Wiztubers "Its Anthony" and " Notorious Kyle")

Now you've gotten to know them a bit met a few even perhaps now its time for you to make a social media account for your wizard or witch, you can use any social media but most people use twitter or Facebook. In order for you to be noticed on there post regularly of awesome stuff your doing with your friends, events you go to, anything else. Be sure to make it something that people will remember and a short name so it is easy for others to see. Be actively engaged with other people on the social media you have chosen so then you can mold into the community and therefore leading to the ultimate goal of making a name for yourself , be sure to have eye catching profile pictures that make people interested to learn more about you.

                                         Heather         Brandon               Val        Chris

                                  (Drawing by twizard member @jasminetoontail of my squad)

Another thing that you need is an official preferably unique look that people can recognize you with they see you or you see them. This will also help avoid confusion if your characters name is popular or a lot of people have the same look although before choosing be sure that thats exactly the way you would like to look so you don't have to change it later. Here is mine below as an example.
                                                     (Pictured above is my main wizard)

Please remember despite the fact that no matter what unfortunately you will come across people who are "problems" and will bully you but it happens everywhere so it should be expected if you come across any of these issues I would recommend to talk it over with someone you trust and seek for advice on your specific situation i admit I'm pretty bad at this but its best not to attack the bully back. Best thing I would recommend is to block/report someone I would recommend you check out AroundTheSpiralWithEL for more information on this specific topic.

Last big point that I can make about how to make a name for yourself in the community is to be yourself, and show people what your good at wether your a god at pvp like my best pal Valdus Darkblade, or good at pet training, farming, or something your good at in the spiral I mean the list goes on and on which is the beauty of the spiral is the opportunity we have to be unique and have our own talents.

Mebbe you'll even meet Blaze Lifehammer ya never know :D

                                   ( Pictured above the largest wiztuber "BlazeLifeHammer")

In conclusion if you follow this short guide on how to make a name for yourself in the spiral I'm sure that you will be another one of the greats anyone can do it they just have to have the right mindset and commitment and character that others admire and make friends whom you'll never forget because in the end having a big name is just part of it, its also about meeting great people and having a great time with them.

                                            (Taken at HeatherTheWiz1 stream on Twitch)

Please comment below what you thought about my first offcial post and improvements I could make constructive criticism is fine but please keep it respectful thanks for your time it means a lot :)

Where I'm going And When I'm Coming Back

GONE WITH THE WIND 7/10/17 - 7/30/17 Some of you already knew that when I came back on the last of June that I wasn't gonna be back ...