Tuesday, June 2, 2020

A Heartfelt Personal Message To The Wizard101 Community

Let me start this out by saying thank you to everyone in the community, you guys got me through the worst 4 years of my life at a high school that I was absolutely miserable at an hated my entire time there. This community gave me something to do with my life when outside I had nothing else, and gave me true friends when in real life I only had tons of fake ones an I'll be forever grateful for that. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

In August I will have been playing this game for a decade, and while I know a lot of people already hit a decade of playing awhile ago never did I think when I first started playing that 10 years later I would be writing this article. While I was somewhat involved with the community during all those years, I never would get as involved in the community part of the game as I did from 2016-2019 an likely won't again. I wasn't fully on Twitter until 2017, I was on the Wizard101 Facebook in 2016 although that original Facebook was banned because they require real names an such.The original person who got me into the official twitter/facebook community was Heather, and I will be forever thankful to her for letting the kid I was into The Legacy Wizards an that my friends is a night I will never forget that happened on September 27th, 2016.

They were immediately my best friends, and I devoted all my time to them from when I got home from school to late at night. I remembered how excited I was when I was invited to appear in some of their videos back then, one of them had over 30k views on it last time I checked it. This was before she started streaming everyday again in November 2016 with Val who became the Co host until he abruptly left in May 2018 an I havent personally kept up with him since mid 2019 when he randomly completely cut me off for an unknown reason. Just to clarify I wasnt in any of her streams before 2016 although I do know that she first started streaming a long time before then although I'm not certain when. Anyways, these guys in our group were my closest of friends throughout my entire time in the community. Unfortunately many have long moved on from our group an the game like I have now for the most part, but I will never forget the memories I had with them an could go on for days talking about all the adventures we had. I had so many memories on stream an off stream, we went everywhere an did everything you could in that game 4 times over in our 2 years worth of streaming 8 hours every single day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year averaging 200 viewers daily. Not to brag, but we were the number 1 stream back then an I took a lot of personal pride in what we did for the community even when we were hated so much. These people stuck by me through thick an thin even when I didnt always stick by them like I should have, and if any of you are reading this you know who you are an I'll never forget you an you'll always have my appreciation. Despite the fact that we aren't the #1 stream anymore, and that our group is a shell of what it used to be, there's still a good amount of people who've never left an continue to stick with us all this time later. We definitely have something real, and magical an I hope that someday we can get back to where we were in our prime although we still have fun times every now an then when there's a stream just like old times.. Even the people like me an others who wronged he group over the years almost always came back sooner or later an they were always forgiven an welcomed back in with no hard feelings. Although their are so many other friends I made outside the group in all parts of the community when I got on Twitter an other platforms that it would take to much space to write all of your names down, but I remember the good times I had with you to an will always appreciate you as well. I remember an appreciate my friends who turned former enemies whom I wronged back when I was a rotten teenager always starting stupid stuff an saying childish insults that shouldnt ever be said. Again you know who you are an I've tried to apologize to most of you, but if I haven't just know that I regret it an that I'm sorry for putting you through that nonsense. Thanks again to everyone in the Wizard101 Community for riding along with me during my high school years, and also to everyone who drew my character I still have all of your drawings an they will always be special to me so a special thank you to you as well.

Now here we are in 2020 in Coronavirus time an another election year with endless drama an neverending suspense regardless of what side of the political isle your on where some things have changed in the last 4 years an some haven't. I sometimes think where I would be in the community right now if I wasn't such a rotten teenager during my softmore year. I originally created this blog a few months after I joined the Twizard Community an that was during my prime in the twitter community from May 2017-September 2017, an ever since softmore year that I've never been able to get back to. I was beloved all over the community an got along with everyone, and could have very well been a community leader like all the people who I used to harassed so much have become. While I deserved being shunned by most of the community from all of my horrible actions, I'd be lying if that wasn't a contributing reason I lost interest in the game an why I slowly got less an less involved in the community to where I am now. Nearly everytime I got on Twitter since late 2017 I'm nearly always reminded by my past when I see no one wanting anything to do with me an how I am still blocked by about half the community. While I still feel welcome at community events, I often see people that I wronged in the past who justifiably want nothing to do with me which just makes me want to leave in shame an embarassment. My reputation has been forever tarnished from how many chances I blew from the entire community an no matter how hard I tried to right my wrongs an move from it nothing has changed. This discouraged me for awhile, and I just kept loosing more an more interest since there was nothing I could do to get back to where I was with the community before I wronged it so. If there was one thing I would change about my time here it would be that, I would have been mature an respectful to everyone even if they did insult me an that is something that while I have learned since then its to late in the Wizard101 community for me to ever be able to move on from my past an get back to who people knew me as before I went through my rotten teenager phase.

While that is one of the contributing reasons I have all but left the community for the most part an likely will only occasionally visit there are some other reasons as well. Another reason why is because as I mentioned I recently graduated high school (even though my year ended early in March during my spring break), an that means that now I can finally start my life away from that horrible school an no longer have the limits a child has as I'm fully an adult now. I am not certain what exactly I want to do with my future although I am leaning to joining the military right now, because I don't know what career I want right now an currently am not skilled in any field. Also I really want to try enjoy some other hobbies that are off the internet an can't be shutdown or taken offline at any moment an make some friends in real life, an heck maybe even get married if I find the right girl for me. I'm a young man an have a lot of life left to enjoy, and I need to go out there an live it to the fullest with no regrets which means that I won't be having all the time in the world to devote to this game an community like I used to.

Another reason I have that someday will be the case for all of us is that this game is 12 years old now which is unbelieveable an incredible, but we need to keep in mind that this game is way past the average games lifespan an that likely sooner rather than later this game will end. Its a very sad fact, but deep down even the biggest wiz addict knows this an while we all shouldnt really worry about it since its out of our control, we definitely need to plan our lives beyond Wizard101 because it only has so much time left at this point no matter how many people are still playing. Looking at the reality of this, I've started to look past the game onto my future that I can control rather than relying on a game for my livelihood an social life like I used to in high school when I had no where else. I'ts better I go ahead an move on with my life now than invest to much more time an money into a game we all know will shutdown within the next few years an loose everything while once again having no where else to go.

In conclusion, while I'm not leaving for good at least right now that I probably won't ever be back here fulltime like I was before February 2019, because of these reasons. I appreciate all you've done for me an I hope that the remaining people who are interested in what I'm up to these days an what happened understand why things for me have slowly led to where I am now. Maybe things could've been different if I was more mature, but its best not to look at life like that an I feel like there are better things in life beyond a gaming community anyway as special as this community is for me.

P.S I when I first logged into this blog after over a year of not checking it or writing any new post I was shocked that there are still people even reading this inactive blog. I learned this when I checked the stats for fun to see an I saw that over 200 people read this blog just last month according to the stats despite me not even being active on Twitter. I want to thank my readers, and I hope I haven't disappointed you although I most likely will never be active on this blog because while I enjoyed writing articles on here every now an then the truth I later realized was that my heart just wasnt in it for the long no matter how much at times I wanted to write an create content on here after I "retired" from this site already in the past. I will not be deleting this blog or any social accounts so anyone who wants to continue to read this site is more than welcome to do so although I wouldnt expect any new content in the near an far future.

Top 2 Hardest Mini Games In Wizard101 (FEB 2019 Never Released Article)

Hey everyone , today we are going to be talking about an often underrated an under visited part of Wizard City as you can see with that real fine an dandy carousel right behind me, known as the Fairgrounds. As many of you know back in the day it used to be an extremely popular area in the game, although because of new ways to gain mana an gold sadly people don’t use these games often an they’re underrated or forgotten so I hope this post brings some of you guys out to test your skill an take the challenge as we go over the Top 2 Hardest Mini Games in Wizard101.

Number 2, Sorcery Stones 

At number 2 we have Sorcery Stones, this game may look like an easy one although as they always say looks can be deceiving. The basics of this mini game are trying to match the blocks that look alike together an to try to get rid of them by matching before it overflows an causes the mini game to end. I know that this is quite biased for me to say based on how much I used to play this particular game when I was younger, but it is the easiest one out of all the other mini games to settle in an practice the game before it gets really tough through level progression as you can see below.

Oh and this is what it looks like when the games over , sudden right?

Number 1, Doodle Doug

This one is a little bit more difficult than Sorcery Stones, but by the basic way of playing it is a little bit similar. In this mini game your an wizard that’s mining down trying to escape the enemies before they catch you. I said it was like Sorcery Stones, but it’s a bit more based off of Packman I think based on the fact that your running from the enemies in the game don’t if that’s just me. What makes it a real challenge is that it times you an how quickly you can get around with getting hit by one of the enemies.

Monday, February 4, 2019

The Future Of Bluetail's Tales 2019

Hello everyone, its been a couple months since my last post on here on Empreya Part 2 so I hope that your all doing well these days an have been able to start off your year right. You probably have noticed some of the changes on the site as I am trying to give this site a fresh look an to make it a bit easier to get from post to post rather than before how you would have to scroll down through an article to easily get through the others so this new arrangement is obviously an improvement, at least I hope so.

Another change you have probably noticed is that I have finally removed all the past posts that have been about drama an that sort of thing to freshen up the site, along with moving it into a more positive direction as I have been distancing myself overall from that for about a year now.

As far as content to expect on this site at the moment I am unsure, because of all the guides an great content that is already out there in the community for people to use for questing guides, housing, PvP, crafting, and other wide topics of Wizard101 content. As far as my site goes since I created it in early July 2017 has been for content thats original for all of you readers to enjoy, through articles such as How To Live Like A PvP Warlord an content similar to that.

While I am still unsure about content, I am considering finishing an article that I never have been able to finish that was "Top 10 Community Events In The Spiral's History" which I think would be a really interesting article, and fortunately I still have some of the stuff for that so I will be able to get started with it soon. After that article I might do other top 10s in Wizard101 as I currently do see anyone else doing that so I dont see why not.

In the near future I may also be doing contests, and giveaways for the community so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

I would like to thank everyone that has continued to support an read this site even as I have been so off an on with it in the last year, thank you :)

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thoughts On Empreya Part 2

Overall my opinion of the new part of Empreya is quite impressive an there were a lot of really cool areas in it. I like how a lot of the old bosses were brought back but in a new way that was original than previous arcs. Oh an meeting Belloq again, was a a bit suprising didn't expect meeting him once again for the 4th time. I was able to get to level 130 in a couple days, so im officially a visionary making visions for the Spiral future of the spiral maybe? May make some theory posts in the future using my visionary powers.

                                                         Level 130

While I liked all of Empreya part 2 my favorite area by far was the Aeroplain village, thats my nickname for the area although ill let you guys guess what the real name is. Its my favorite area because its just a different fresh, and calm environment an while I love the other areas they just dont have that calm feel. Not every area needs it but its definitely nice to have it once an awhile.

                                                              On the new bat mount

In conclusion im very impressed with Kingsisle, the worlds just keep getting more an more interested as the storyline gets deeper an deeper over time an I look forward to see what the next storyline chapter will be in 2019 with arc for coming out so theres still a lot to look forward to.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

1 Year Blogaversary, Retiring (For Now)

Just wanted to say everyone that I currently am taking a long break from blogging here. I enjoyed blogging when I first created this blog an I still do like doing it, but I find myself really busy going to streams, helping people quest, and spending time with friends that I just don’t have the time to blog much anymore due to that.

Another reason is simply because there’s already so many other people who do updates and other things coming to Wizard101 that I simply don’t see a point to write a blog about stuff that other people have already covered over an over. I mean they make great content but I just don’t feel like being a broken record and repeating it which is a problem I’ve faced ever since I made this site.

Also I find it more fun to simply vlog what I’m doing on social media and do my own thing without rambling on an on about topics in Wizard101. Also July 1st marked my first Blogaversary so I’m happy about that, but also I felt like my first Blogaversary an it’s been 5 months since I posted on here I thought it was time to go ahead and give you guys a summary of why I’ve stopped blogging for now.

People I Would Like To Thank For Helping Me Start This Site.....

I would like to first thank Edward Lifegem for helping to inspire me to set up this site an really motivate me to do it an helping me make this site. He also came to my first event I had through this site an I just really want to thank him for his support throughout when I made this site. While I strongly disagree with him on some of his views an ideas on things I still view him as a good friend of mine an I’d like to thank you for being so supportive of me Ed :)

I would also like to thank Frostcaller for making the banner for me on my site, and for also being supportive of when I first made this site. We didn’t exactly work out as friends but I appreciate his help and support.

Lastly I would like to thank you, all my readers for checking out my site an reading/commenting :)

I’m most certainly not going anywhere and will still be here in the community fully like I have but I’m officially putting a pause on this blog until further notice.

1 Year Blogaversary!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


As you guys probably know I’ve gotten a lot of hate on an off about my rank and all that jazz in pvp, I made up being an overlord an being a warlord bascially because I always wanted to be one. I’m actually decent in quick match tournaments and 2v2, 4v4s but that’s it. Although there is one way that I can reach to the top and mark on the pvp community and the community in general.My goal sounds stupid but it’s to have the most losses ever and to be the biggest troll of the arena, I may not be an overlord but I can be the biggest loser ever made. Planning on doing a lot with this goal

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Happy New Year!!

Dont know about you, but I'm ready for the new year. 2017 overall has definitely had its ups and downs as any year although it was overall alright. For 2018 I've got a lot planned for the future on this blog and the community. Definitely plan on making lots of improvements on myself in 2018. Best of luck in the New Year folks!

-Christopher Bluetail




A Heartfelt Personal Message To The Wizard101 Community

Let me start this out by saying thank you to everyone in the community, you guys got me through the worst 4 years of my life at a high schoo...