Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Thoughts On Empreya Part 2

Overall my opinion of the new part of Empreya is quite impressive an there were a lot of really cool areas in it. I like how a lot of the old bosses were brought back but in a new way that was original than previous arcs. Oh an meeting Belloq again, was a a bit suprising didn't expect meeting him once again for the 4th time. I was able to get to level 130 in a couple days, so im officially a visionary making visions for the Spiral future of the spiral maybe? May make some theory posts in the future using my visionary powers.

                                                         Level 130

While I liked all of Empreya part 2 my favorite area by far was the Aeroplain village, thats my nickname for the area although ill let you guys guess what the real name is. Its my favorite area because its just a different fresh, and calm environment an while I love the other areas they just dont have that calm feel. Not every area needs it but its definitely nice to have it once an awhile.

                                                              On the new bat mount

In conclusion im very impressed with Kingsisle, the worlds just keep getting more an more interested as the storyline gets deeper an deeper over time an I look forward to see what the next storyline chapter will be in 2019 with arc for coming out so theres still a lot to look forward to.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My Experience An Thoughts Of Tara Dawnbreaker

Well guys I'm back here, for now at least as I didn't really want to come back here with this post, but with all the drama an all the buzz an people asking to hear what I thought about it I felt as though its my responsibility for the better of the community to make my voice heard on this topic so get the popcorn an here y'all go with my experience and thoughts of Tara Dawnbreaker.

To start this off I met Tara in May 2017 and was friends with her until around November 2017 so I was really friends with her as long as many others , but I had my fair share of trouble from her as quite a few others have. For the first few months she put on her goody 2 shoes mask she seemed like a good person an was very nice an friendly with me but then out of no where she just turned into this greedy bratty person taking it as far as showing off her twitter analytics I mean you just can't make this stuff up. An basically we started having issues when I wasn't "positive" all the time like she was, I mean Im sorry but Im human an can't always be positive, but at the time I did feel bad about it since at the time I still thought she was a good person. She always would make me look bad an everything else but if I or anyone ever dared to call her out she would always an I mean ALWAYS pull the good ole victim card and try to manipulate her friends an mods against anyone who ever said anything bad about her.

There are also quite a few examples of how she's extremely controlling like how you have to answer all of these questions just to get into her server its ridiculous. You have to say where you found the server, you had to have talked in her stream, an have a phone number I mean its like the aluminati to try to get in, and I had originally joined before all this "security" came in but even I had to do all this verification it just shows how paranoid she was even back then. I can't confirm exactly who made the account since I had a lot of different beefs back then , but I believe it was Tara since she began to not like me cause I wasn't "positive" all the time so one day while I was asleep some fake account had come into her server as me an she had banned it an also me OVER A FAKE ACCOUNT that was totally different profile picture an everything from me, she was that desperate to get me out that she allowed that to happen. At the time I was upset about it, as I was about other stuff although I eventually got over it an moved on an didn't really care or think about Tara until I randomly decided to join her server one day and MAN was that no joke she wasn't just going to let me back in there even if it had been almost a year since I was banned an I came back even apologizing. So she said that in order to join her server again I had to write an essay explaining everything I did an how sorry I was an everything else, and that I had 2 days to do it. When she told me this I was sick an needed to get rest so since that was the only way to get back in an I wanted to test it out to see if I could actually join, she flat out said no an started going on about how she had to do essays an stuff when she's sick in college. THIS ISNT COLLEGE ITS A SERVER! I mean it was quite ridiculous how far she took it but I finally decided alright, ill write it out so thats what I did an when I finally finished hours later I wrote asking what they thought an if I could get let back in. All her mods would do is tell me they would tell me later or that they didn't know which was obviously just lies, an a few days later I was kicked from the server with no explanation or even what they thought about the essay. I wrote several times to the mods after I was kicked just to see what happened an never got a reply so I simply moved on from the whole thing.

(If you need proof I do have screenshots, so)

I was pretty much over everything until I heard that other people had similar experiences that I did from Dakota Earthhorn aka Lou (actually a chill guy by the way) where he went over just how messed up some of the things she does are, because before then I had thought that it was just towards me since when I first got banned from her server an everyone loved her an she seemed to love everyone so I thought I was just that one person she didn't get along with but that isnt the case, for more on that you can watch his video if Blaze an Tara havent taken it down on Lou's channel.

My Thoughts An Opinions Of Everything.....

Honestly with this whole situation it really has been disapointing for a lot of people as wether you like Tara and Blaze or not they are community leaders and the face of the game an what they do reflects across the entire community an when they do stuff its no ones fault but theirs. Manipulating your fans to donate to you an just straight up begging for bits on a stream, I mean its basically a modern way of being a beggar an its a shame using people for your own personal gain. An her act she puts on is very easy to tell that she's fake for the sole reason of her ego of being Blaze Lifehammer's girlfriend an making money off kids which is shameful. Her toxicity she brings in the community, especially being in her position is shameful, I mean I could go on an on although its just not worth anyones time thats just the most simple way I can put my thoughts on Tara. The last thing I want to emphasize on my thoughts on Tara is that none of this is Kingsisle's fault or anyone related to Kingsisle, because everything that has happened lately has been Tara's an Blaze's fault an theirs alone so you can't blame them or anyone else in the community.

In she's a sociopath, thats the most best word to describe her. Please let me get this clear that I dont have an issue if you support Tara an Blaze or not, if you want to continue to support her or have a different opinion I will respect that because you are free to believe what you want to, although she definitely isnt perfect an that is a fact not an opinion.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

1 Year Blogaversary, Retiring (For Now)

Just wanted to say everyone that I currently am taking a long break from blogging here. I enjoyed blogging when I first created this blog an I still do like doing it, but I find myself really busy going to streams, helping people quest, and spending time with friends that I just don’t have the time to blog much anymore due to that.

Another reason is simply because there’s already so many other people who do updates and other things coming to Wizard101 that I simply don’t see a point to write a blog about stuff that other people have already covered over an over. I mean they make great content but I just don’t feel like being a broken record and repeating it which is a problem I’ve faced ever since I made this site.

Also I find it more fun to simply vlog what I’m doing on social media and do my own thing without rambling on an on about topics in Wizard101. Also July 1st marked my first Blogaversary so I’m happy about that, but also I felt like my first Blogaversary an it’s been 5 months since I posted on here I thought it was time to go ahead and give you guys a summary of why I’ve stopped blogging for now.

People I Would Like To Thank For Helping Me Start This Site.....

I would like to first thank Edward Lifegem for helping to inspire me to set up this site an really motivate me to do it an helping me make this site. He also came to my first event I had through this site an I just really want to thank him for his support throughout when I made this site. While I strongly disagree with him on some of his views an ideas on things I still view him as a good friend of mine an I’d like to thank you for being so supportive of me Ed :)

I would also like to thank Frostcaller for making the banner for me on my site, and for also being supportive of when I first made this site. We didn’t exactly work out as friends but I appreciate his help and support.

Lastly I would like to thank you, all my readers for checking out my site an reading/commenting :)

I’m most certainly not going anywhere and will still be here in the community fully like I have but I’m officially putting a pause on this blog until further notice.

1 Year Blogaversary!!!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Views On Heather&Val Situation, And Where I Now Stand

Hello to you guys, hope everyone has been doing well. I must say I really didn't want to have to post this cause im very busy nowadays although I feel that its neccisary. Before I get into this post in depth there are a few things that I would like to say an the first is that I don't plan on really fighting people an getting all in this war thats going on even though a number of people have tried to drag me into the fight an hating on me blah blah blah doesn't matter to much, but I will say my 2 cents on the whole situation an include where I was these past few months an where I am now.

Where I Been, And Where I Am On This

First before I get into my thoughts of the whole issue I think its best for me to explain basically where I was an where I am now so that way you can understand somewhat of where I am coming from on all of this stuff. As many of you know for the past few months I had been in several wars of my own, an I had a lot of the similar things that Heather is going through now. As much of the community knows I was pretty much rejected by the entire community. I would spend all day everyday just fighting people on Twitter when they talked bad about me or those I care about. I became very depressed from all the hate I was getting from there since everyone would post about me , an because of how rejected I felt an a lot of people in our own group were trying to start stuff with me I made some mistakes I shouldn't have an was banned from Heather&Val's server about 3 times before I was basically banned permanently which absolutely destroyed me, because I loved them all so much. When I was basically for the most part kicked out of the group thats when things got even worse for me, because I was so bored an depressed since no one seemed to like me or want anything to do with me so I made my own server to sit there an fight people from the time I got home to the time I went to bed for months on Twitter an Discord. An to add to this this was the time that Heather left an that was really difficult for me personally, because I need her in my life an that just added to everything else that was going down. I was a huge mess just all over the place an I had hit rock bottom in December an it was so bad I wasn't even excited for Xmas which is very unusual for me. At the height of my struggle with these things in February it was effecting me in real life as I was getting physically ill from all the stress I was under since I already have some anxiety issues, my aggression was at an all time high I became very aggressive both here and at school, an lastly I was loosing the people I had left due to my complete loss of control of myself must say I went off on Val a few times don't know how he took it, an I really regret it, but that was just how lost I really was. Luckily though through this Val, Slick, and Matthew were there for me through this rough time in my life, and im really grateful they cared enough about me to do that, because well it was for everyone already since heather was gone an some other stuff. So you guys get where I was then from Late November until last Saturday, so now lets go on to where I am now. During this rough time in my life, everyday id try to think of ways to get back in the server an of course none of them worked, because I had become an issue on stream as well during this time. Although I had kept spending time with them on stream an I had been reminded of a lot of things about just the most basic stuff, but also the complicated stuff about being a good person. It took a long time for me to really understand these things again, and to find myself an where I belong. Although eventually I finally was able to understand, an when I did I had really thought about. One thing that really helped me understand how lost I really was when in January I was having a long fight with someone on Twitter, an I got a dm from Val saying that hes unfollowing me because of "nonsense drama"filling his feed . Now let me say this I was pretty upset with him when he first said that, because I felt like he didnt care about my situation an that he was just being a jerk. Although later that day I then looked through my posts which was the first real wake up call I had to how far down I was heading, because he was right an fighting with these people on there for hours honestly was nonsense so if he wasn't as blunt about it I may still be fighting people on twitter like that. So basically I had went through blocked all the people on Twitter an stopped fighting people to try an keep myself from getting worse, well that lasted for a week. I was still extremely bored an quite lonely an had nothing to fill my time with, so when trouble started coming to me on discord I fell back into the fighting all the time again an thats where I was for 2 months an it was absolutely horrible for me, I don't even want to think about how awful it was for me but I had nothing to replace that with an I still felt like no one wanted me anymore. One day Slick an Matt came into my server while I was in a really bad argument with someone, an we talked for awhile caught up an were kind enough to try to help me get back in but it didnt quite work out which looking back is very logical why it didnt. So then Heather came back, an quite often she would talk about how much fun their server was an how great it was which made me miss it even more than I already had missed it for the 4 months I was banned which made me feel even worse because here I was fighting people all day long, an wasn't happy at all, because I had lost those who Id cared about. Pretty soon I got so sick of this, that I found out about VPNs an made one after a bit of hesitations. Of course I immediately joined their server again, but when I admitted who I was I was banned, an this happened several more times since at this point I was done fighting an would spend my time going to Heather&Val's server for about a week. With Heather's return there were a lot of special things going on, an I was getting a crazy amount of pips to try to get a sub an maybe be allowed on the team again. Someone was kind enough to gift me a surprise sub so of course I booted up the VPN an came back saying I was a sub, of course under a different name because I thought they were gonna ban if it was me. So I didnt say it was me, but Heather had come into the chat an asked me wt my twitch was an I said what it was an the chat kinda went wild. I have to admit she was shocked I was in, an asked how I returned. Now even through this rough time in my life, ive always been honest with her because I trust her an Val a lot more than I trust most people so I told her that I was using VPN to get back in. I mean there was no way I was going to rat on a mod an say oh such an such let me in, that would be a very petty thing for me to do. I must admit I was very surprised that after some conversation she said I could stay, this had been a dream come true for me that now I could be back where I belonged with the fam. Since ive been back my life has gotten so much better. Everyone has been so kind, and supportive of me an I have tried to be as much so to them , since well they're my fam. That was all I needed in my life, a place to belong to, people who loved me for me, people who would bring me up rather than bring me down, people who wouldn't judge me for my mistakes an thats what they're doing for me there an thats what i'm doing for them as well. Sure they can be very annoying at times, an do stupid stuff although I still view them as my fam an care a lot about them, more than they realize sometimes I think. So thats where I am now, and im quite happy there no not quite VERY HAPPY THERE!

Views On Heather&Val Situation

This war people are wanting to make is absolutely pointless, an I think it shows what this community really is once again. Now let me give you some insight on what led to this whole issue, ok so if you guys remember Heather was gone for awhile from early December on an off until Im going to say late February due to a lot of in real life issues that she had been going through. That time while she was gone was pretty rough for all of us, but we pushed through it an she eventually was able to return.So as a coming back, welcome kind of thing we did a lot of special stuff in the stream such as "Spinnage" an other stuff like that to celebrate her return an to basically get things back on track. The face cam was one of them, which for a very stupid reason started this whole war. I honestly don't understand why just, because she shows her face that a whole war starts since we don't talk smack about other streamers an mostly just keep to ourselves these days. Lets face it, people like Courtney Olivia an others are just wanting views an attention an this is what is going to get their views up. I know this whole war thing that this community likes to do due to unfortunate experiences myself an let me tell you when you try and start drama an make a whole war it really takes a toll on them as it had myself. I find it absolutely disgusting that people who are so high up in the community can't find other things that are more productive an positive for the community, but resort to causing wars an drama for their enjoyment. I will give you an example of some of this an how desperate community leaders are for attention, lets look at Alex Lionheart an of course he has found his way into this mess. Although he literally kept posting, an posting about me on Twitter just trying to start something juicy to get attention off. He spread lies around about me along with a lot of others for attention an just to feel powerful, an im only bringing this up as an example of just how far people will go, people such as Sophia Dream who is trying to get attention off of this an has even gone as low as to talking about me basically trying to start stuff with me an Heather. The only reason why they are trying to make up so much drama an war about her an Val is because there views are going down. I mean look at skeletonmystics channel , if you look through his videos the ones that have gotten the most views in a year are ones about Heather. Another thing I find funny about this whole thing is that Skeletonmystic literally has a son an is like 40 something years old. Thats fine that he is older I don't have a problem with that, but when your trying to basically shove off whats true about you an throw it on someone else just to make yourself look better an get views off it is quite petty an shows how low you go for views. An its funny how everyone comes an streams on twitch AFTER US, because they see how well we are doing, because when we first started streaming everyday almost 2 years ago on twitch we were the only ones an im saying that cause I was there on day 1 so I know whats up.The whole thing about Heather "only being there for money" from a little clip you got from our stream I have a few things to say about that. First off unlike some of the people in this community that dont actually have a store or have ripped off ours is that we actually give people stuff completely free with their power pips, and who has to pay for that? Heather an Val do, and they need donations to keep it going for the people of this community while a lot of you guys just use the money you make off twitch for yourself. An yet Heather is being robbed a lot, sick all the time, going through a lot stuff in her life, but still manages to fund it due to the help of people donating to help others. ITS CHARITY FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!!!!!!!! I mean its not like anyone else does what we do, because we are unique an are the best community that Wizard101 has ever seen an lets be real we put the Twizard community to shame honestly. Some of the other claims are even dumber and make it obvious that they are just trying to get attention an buzz off of us, such as saying we viewbot yet these people dont even come to our stream!  Its pathetic, and some of yall are sitting here doing to me to now which just makes you all look even worse. The other accusation of how she isnt appreciative, i mean honestly you haven't been there so you wouldn't know. You guys say she is very demanding and manipulative an such, and let me explain that. Like she is only trying to give advice to people to help them out, like if you simply follow what she says you won't regret it because she cares enough about people to give them advice an in the end you will be a lot happier if you just listen to her advice trust me.An also you guys think she is so rude to people, I mean what the heck look at what you do like we were just replying. The account sharing claim is the dumbest honestly, I mean just because they're in the same house an play wiz doesn't mean they are sharing their account.Im sure I could go on a lot longer, but a lot of the claims are just so stupid an pointless they aren't even worth mentioning, but yall need to get the facts.


You to Val don't feel left out my big bro :P


Thursday, January 18, 2018


Well as you probably read from my last post I was considering leaving the community, but thats not quite how Im going to handle it since this community is just to important to just walk away from. I don't want to argue with people anymore so Ive decided to make this story to basically show you my point of view of everything. I hope you enjoy this story based off real things and people in first person. Thanks!

December 15th, 2017

Also update for 2018, I'm currently no longer having issues with drama on Twitter since I'm simply blocking so I thought I may want to get that out there to all my readers that its safe to follow me at @BluetailChris an feel free let me back in your discord servers because I'm lonely and ill keep the chat lit . Ive grown up a little bit, but I decided to have one last say in the drama through this fun story for all of you to enjoy.

Lastly I did publish this for about 30 minutes and took it down to add a lot more to the story :)

P.S I featured a lot of #Twizards so you may be featured in this story so if you are its nothing personal this story is for purely comedic purposes.



(Chris's point of view)

Whats my daily life of an elite figure in the Spiral? Well I wake up in one of my many mansions since Im so rich from all the gigs , other jobs I've done that I own about 14 mansions all across the Spiral and plan on buying more at only 16 so you could say that I am kind of a big deal wether you like me or not . Im a living legend, everyone knows who I am. Im obviously richer than Merle Ambrose (Usually comes and uses my pool in the summer). My fans adore me, my haters tremble in fear knowing that basically across the Spiral I'm recognized as the overlord. Ive got so many achivements at my young age of 16 so ill start the story. I usually wake and look at my phone usually waking up to a BUNCH of notifications since well I'm a celebrity. After checking my phone I call up one of my cooks to cook me up some breakfast, sometimes for me although I often have guests that stay with me overnight. After I've eaten breakfast thats where things get well interesting, and let me tell you being a celebrity is an extremely tough role.

Here is a day when things were slightly different since I was staying the night with my best friends since we stayed up all night wrecking Privates in the arena and making mad cash since they took the night off from their YouTube channel , and then after we got tired of just wrecking privates and other Warlords went out and spent money on whatever we saw that was interesting since we're all basically billionaires soooo after doing all that we just needed to crash for the night. "Ahhhhhhhhhh a brand new day" I said as I got up and looked over the into the Massive Fantasy Courtyard. The courtyard is a very beautiful place, its got a stone concrete ground with an arena towards the right. Its very lavishly decorated with a Caraousel, other buildings,  and bascially showing off their wealth. Its got a massive wall around the courtyard and a gate to protect the castle from the paparazzi.

I then walk down to the kitchen on the first floor, after I get dressed. Apparently Valdus is already awake, "Mornin Val wts up bro"? I said, "Just getting my morning coffee made , Im not sure what I want to do today" Valdus replied. "Same I'm not sure either, I think just a chill day would be good". "I agree, we may want to wait till Heather wakes up she probably has something she wants to today". I said casually. "Ha, yea she definitely keeps us all busy around here"Val said. "Hey look outside, is that a person?" I said shockingly as I had just noticed through the window a figure was walking outside "I don't know who this guy is, probably a hater Ill send a guard to take care of it" says Val. "Hey why don't we have some fun with this guy, get him back" I said. "I wouldn't advise it, we should just leave the guy alone" Val said cautiously. Then we hear some LOUD banging at the front door, "Dang it I just want my coffee in peace is that really to much to ask REALLY, Ill be back in a little bit" Val said a little annoyed at this point. "Sir do you want us to open the door?" said  Dakota Earthhorn who placed under house arrest as a guard for his crimes. "Yea I said, I want to meet this person and find out what they want". "Yes sir" Dakota replied. He then opened the door and as I had expected it was Alexander Lionheart, "Alex what do you want man, I mean you have better things to do I'm sure then come and cause issues with me" I said cooly. "Hehe well kid I'm coming to let you know that the entire Spiral views you as a childish brat, HA you thought Anna would actually want to go out with you like she's so much better than you. You know she hated you, I don't know why she was so nice to you although its not her fault its yours. HA I mean you lost in 1v1 to her boyfriend TWICE, HAHAHAHA, and then you faced her and lost HEH HEH HEH you are literally the biggest joke I've ever seen". Said Alex humorously "Listen Alex this whole thing is honestly petty, like I feel bad about what happened between Anna and I, and I hope we can make up because she was my friend, but can you just leave me alone and quit posting memes about me like you literally have just as much as I so Ive got no idea why you want to cause trouble unless your just to bored". Said I in a serious tone. We then started to argue for a few minutes at the door, and it got very heated. I heard footsteps walk by so I'm assuming Val just wanted to finish his coffee in peace, but I mean who can't blame him? When you love coffee and peace, you love coffee and peace. We kept on arguing until Heather woke up about 30 minutes later, I heard her coming down the stairs. "Oh man I woke her up, she's gonna be so mad" I thought in my head. "What is going on down here, and what is HE doing here, and also what are you guys arguing about"? said Heather, which you could tell was not to happy. Almost immediately Alex just starting spitting at words like "He's a bully", or " He's such a child", and other more rude things. "Alexander, I would appreciate you please leave the property" said Heather in a very serious tone, you could tell she meant business by that tone in her voice. You don't hear it often since she is usually a very kind and understanding person although if you do get her on this side its best to be silent, and listen of course Alex wouldn't follow. "Dakota would you please walk him off the property?". Asked Heather calmly. He then stuck his tongue out and rolled his eyes, but he followed the request and Alex was off the property. "Sorry about this everyone, I made a mistake answering the door" I said. "Its not your fault, but Chris always check the peephole before opening the door so that way this doesn't happen when you visit" said Heather. " I understand, again sorry about that. So what do you guys want to do today?" I replied. At this point Val had come back from his shower, and looked a bit confused by how the situation went, but didn't want it to ruin the day."Good morning Heather, did you sleep well last night?"Val asked. "Well I was, until I was woken up, but its alright" Heather replied. "How do you guys feel about going out to Wizard City? , we can go to the Wu Dye Club" Val said. "Yea that sounds fun to me, I'm sure theres a lot of people to socialize with", I said. "Well lets go, wanna come Heather?"Asked Val very quickly. " You guys can go, I'm going to check out how my Dr.Pepper statue is coming and how much its going to cost". "Well alright, Later" he said, "See you in a little while".

We then walked out of the castle and went to where we kept some mounts. "Should we go in my car"? Val said. He has a really fancy vintage Roles Royce from Marleybone, of course all the modern luxuries in it, so of course I said "sure why not, mines in the shop right now". "Alright, lets go have some fun at the Wu Dye Club". he said, "Yup". So we go ahead and get in the car crank up the music real loud and open the windows going 100 mph. "Ive done this so many times, but its just so much fun eh bro?" I said enthusiasticly "Never gets old man". Val replied. "Hey Chris, you mind if we stop at the Myth school and check on my Dad?" Val asked. "Sure, I don't mind at all" I replied. " Well ok ill park here", I wont be long"Val informed. He then gets up out of the car, and walks over to the myth school door, guess Ill just check what everyones up to today on Twitter. (Val's point of view) "Hey Dad I got your voicemail this morning, whats up?" Val said. "We need to talk my son, lately there've been a lot of rumors about your pal Chris that ive been hearing about from people across the Spiral"Said Cyrus concerned. "Yea he's done some well, stuff but he's a good guy". "Well he's caused a lot of chaos with the other people at the top such as Tara Dawnbreaker, David Silverhunter, Alexander Lionheart, Anna and quite a few others", said Cyrus. "Yea I know, I've been trying to get him to not get him under control since he keeps adding fuel to the fire", Val said. "You know the last time someone caused this much chaos in the Spiral it ended in a very bad war of the elites bringing their troops and having wars against each other, if your friend doesn't control himself the peace in the Spiral will go in disarray, remember your brother?" Cyrus said even more concerned. "Dad he's not going to turn out like my cousin, besides he's taken care of and so is his father Malistare so there will be no war, also he's already made up with Duelist101 so thats one less issue to deal with". Val said confidently. "Well I just wanted to briefly chat with you since I find whats going on to be very serious, peace is at risk. Please do what you can to keep the peace". "Im a pretty peaceful guy, I think I can manage dad". Val said and chuckled. "Well later son" Said Cyrus. "Later dad".

(Chris's point of view) "Sorry about that, lets go ahead and go to the Wu Dye Club sure everyones there today", Val said trying to hide the preview conversation. "Yea lets go broooo!". We then sped our way through the Commons and went straight to the dye shop. "Well we're here, wonder what everyones doing today" Val said. We then walk in, for such a small room with shelves and merchandise in it there was plenty of room and plenty of people to sociallize with there. Unfortunately almost one second after we walk in..... I get a lot of stares from just about everyone in there, David Silverhunter decides to just walk out. Some artists there such as Sophia, alexis, and  others were there and they eyed me very closely which followed by dead silence, not a stir was in there. "Hey there welcome to the club Christopher an Val", said Edward Lifegem to which Thomas Lionblood added "Hey guys hows it going?". "Good to see you guys, its going good how about you?" I said. "We're fine, just chilling on the fine day". Edward said."Well I'm glad you guys are having a good day"." Big plans for Bunny run 2018?" Val asked. "Definitely, Autumn and I are planning it out now, just chatting with Tom here to see what he thinks". "Well alright, good to see you guys" I said when I saw that Eric Stormbringer from Duelist101 was signaling me over, Val continued to talk with them for awhile. "Hey Eric, whats up?" I said. "Hey Chris, I know you had some problems with Alex and Moira, but I really appreciate you working with us to get the problem taken care of. I just wanted you to know that we also feel like we're on a good note with you". Eric said. "Well I'm glad we were able to work that situation out, I mean we had some disagreements which kind of led to a petition, but um for certain we still probably do have disagreements , but its good to know that we're on good terms again" I said happily. "Yea I was just wanting to let you know, that we're fine with you coming to our events, best wishes from Duelist101, later Chris" Eric replied. "Later man" I said. As he walks out of the Dye Club Tara Dawnbreaker and Sophia Dream start laughing while looking over at me, I know Tara is over there making fun of me I can only hear whispers, but I'm pretty annoyed so I walk straight over to Tara D. "What do you want Chris you little 12 year old, you took your anger out on Anna cause she rejected going out with you, god your so immature". said Tara D rudely."Listen here, your literally only calling me a 12 year old simply, because you stabbed me in the back if you remember, and by the way we were friends, but you apparently lied so don't start stuff with me, I have just as much money and class as you have" I replied cooly. "Oh yea, really......" I cut her off and replied extremely angered "DONT YOU START WITH....." Val then dragged me out of the Dye Club, I'm guessing he made a good choice since I felt like just fighting Tara with my bare hands. "Chris, what on Earth was that?" Val said, "DID YOU SEE WHAT SHE SAID!"I replied angrily "Chris"..Val said before being interrupted. "DO YOU KNOW SHE BETRAYED ME!". "Chris..." Val again." Like how could she...."."CHRIS", Val yelled back. "Sorry were you trying to say something?"I said calmer."Chris you really need to calm down, and not let people get you so wound up, thats what your downfall is, and it could get really dangerous if you don't get some self control I mean this is the second time today". Val said concerned.

"Sorry about that earlier" I said, "Its fine bro, why don't we go and do some pvp perhaps?'. "Yea sure, 1v1 for fun"? I replied "I hope your ready for my little snake charmer spell" Val said. "I hope your ready for my little Fire from above" I replied. "Well lets go fight haha".I said. We then jumped in the car away from the Shopping District, drove through the Commons which was very interesting. "Hey its the new Kings of PvP" Roland said. "Haha yeah you could say we kinda are Gods of the arena" Val chuckled. "You know I am the SUPREME warlord". Roland replied. "Roland like ok we see that, your point?" I said "That its time for me to get my championship in the arena back". "Well I mean I was just 1v1ing Chris here for fun"Val said. "I see, well have fun guys" Roland replied hiding some sort of anger. "Thanks Roland" I said. "You read to be beat"? I said "Haha we will see" Val said. So we basically did some 1v1, I won some of the time and he won the other times so it was pretty balanced, we just went on until about 5pm. "Well its about 5pm, so I may as well head home, stay cool don't loose your temper" Val said, "Alright, its been fun today see you later man" I replied.

He then drove off towards home, luckily my jousting horse was the unicorn stalls close to the arena's "RESERVED MOUNT PARKING SPOTS", as I said I'm living the life of a rich celebrity and fancy parking is an important part when it comes to going around town. Well its now about 5:10pm now I thought, hmmm I may as well pay Anna a visit since I do hope that we can make up so I rode my horse over to her Red Barn Farm. Anna is you could say a friend of mine? We had some issues a few days ago, so its kind of in the air.  Some things you as a reader should know about Anna is that she is in a different realm of expertise from PvP, she's well known across the Spiral for helping with Pets. She's a famous Pet guide writer as well, who's work was unfortunately stolen by a young wizard recently. As I rode up to her farm , there was an insane amount of pets everywhere ranging from Crimsonzillas all the way Pixies all very happy to be there. I then got off my horse and went to knock the wooden door, through the window I saw an easel and what looked to be Sophia perhaps painting something. "Knock Knock its me Chris" I said, she opened the door a lot faster than I expected. " What do you want, you said rude things to me and Tara", Anna said. "Hey I'm really sorry about what happened, I didn't....". I said before being cut off. "Chris I gave you like 5 chances to behave yourself , I let you 1v1 my husband because you were jealous that you couldn't me to go out with you and brought quite a few of my friends over to watch you guys go at it AT 4 AM, and how do you pay me back? You say some disrespectful things to me and Tara, Chris you done goofed if you think I will be your friend. I mean look at yourself, I already had disagreements with you when you decided to publicly invite everyone to your stupid wedding. I forgave you for that, I defended you and that was how you repaid me. You are going to cause a war with your petty dramas with everyone in the community, you literally live off your gold and fame, and your snotty egotistical attitude. I don't want to be involved when all of these fights with others in the gentry get dangerous, thats my take on you". "Anna I'm sorry, Its just....", I replied this before she slammed the door in my face, this had not worked out as I had hoped. As I  was pondering over this of course Alex Lionheart had to show "Kid, what are you doing here? Isn't past your bed time, I'm sure your mommy Heather is worried about you, oh and are you feeling butthurt Anna wouldn't go out with you?". Alex said laughing. I ran up real close to him and said "Listen, don't even try to roast me or my friend, you know why? Its because you know I have more to roast you about, and also your the one who was to cowardly to accept my challenge to a 1v1 "I replied. "Haha ill let you go home, but know this trouble is coming your way so id best watch your back if you know what I mean", Alex said. "Well thanks, goodbye oh and watch your back about making fun of Heather". I said.  "Haha the kid doesn't even know what we have planned". I could hear Alex whisper as I rode away.

(Alex Lionheart's point of view, The Spiral ISNT His City)

Alex is currently at his Ice mansion, which is made of a mix of stone and ice. With a dragon and Frost giant statue right behind it, the yard is mostly snow, but it has some ice parts, he is currently in the main room at the center of the house on his new recliner, "Ah I love this recliner I bought from my win today, so wonderful ahhhh".Alex stated. "Alex" said an unknown figure, "Hello who is that"? Alex replied. "Its me the true transcended God Of Peev, Dakota Earthhorn", Said Dakota. " Ah I see, you've come back from the galaxy you were exiled to, for revenge perhaps?". "Well there are several reasons that I have snuck out of where i have been under house arrest  I mean I've been keeping up with it on my phone and its gotten even worse with people, and people such as my cousin Valdus who thinks they are the Gods of peev when it was CLEARLY ME, and also I want revenge on how my father Malistare was defeated 3 times! 3! He had everything he needed to take over the Spiral and he was defeated! Then here my uncle and his son are here thriving! Also lets not forget all of the petty ice wizards who get a shad first round and go WHOAH WHOAH like Awesome The Sauce or Tyler Hex does when he used to excessively cheat, the only way that I've been able to associate with my friend Ethan is through the computer since I'm thousands of miles away, I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE AGAINST THE SPIRAL GOVERNMENT, AND THESE SELF PROCLAIMED ELITES!"Dakota explained, "Well we were always friends so I'm willing to help you, you may remember this kid named Christopher Bluetail, he's just the guy we need to create chaos in the community and trigger a war in which we can take over the Spiral and overthrow grandpa Ambrose and the other elites.".Alex said. "You know Tara definitely fits in the other elites, like she literally dates Blaze because she wants the class and fame I mean she is so garbage honestly, although yea I know that Chris kid we've had some problems in the past, tried to get him banned from the Spiral for fun with my friend David Whisper little over a year ago, he's actually pathetic so I think he'd be stupid enough". Dakota said. "Haha he's such a child, he's literally had a problem with EVERY single person almost in the community including the most neutral and largest fan site Duelist101, heck even Anna since she rejected him". Said Alex Lionheart. "He's just what we need, if all of these dramas keep going on then we will have a war that I will manipulate for us to be able to control the Spiral, and we will put all of these elites in their rightful places". Said Dakota, "Well ill get back with you on that, oh that kid doesnt understand the discord and chaos he brings and how it will help us." said Alex.

(Chris's point of view)

"Aaaaaah a brand new day of my exquisitely wonderful life" I said as I got up out of bed, I had decided to stay at my castle in Avalon and check on the Village I own and how everything was going there. Things were actually going pretty well at the village, so I was very glad about that. "Good morning sir", my butler Benjamin Stormeyes said. "Good morning, was up?" I replied. "Sir are you ready for the party today?" Ben asked. "WHAT, NO I'm not ready for that, what event is it could you please show me my calendar?" I replied frantically as I jumped up on my bed but calm at the same time. "Sir todays Duelist101's PvP tournament and afterwards is Heather&Val's party, oh and after that there is a meeting in Wizard City on policy, oh and one more thing you have a meeting with Unicorn Productions for a new film", Ben stated. "Geez thats a lot today , but you know life would get boring if I didn't keep myself busy". "Most definitely sir" Ben agreed. "Well thanks for letting me know Ben". "Anytime sir" Ben replied and then left. I then slowly got up out bed and got dressed in my well uniform, and then I went in front of the mirror and comb my very fine orange hair and make sure not one hair is out of place. Then I went down to have some breakfast which was quite yummy,  as I make sure to have the best chefs for guests and other people.

Well I decided that I needed to make haste to the event, so I used my roller skates through my village in Avalon saying goodbye to everyone until the next time I return out there, they were nice of course as always, such great people out there in Avalon.  They were meeting at Shopping District, off Eliks Edge if I remember correctly. Oh there they are "Here you guys are, how is everybody?" I said, "Im alright Chris glad you could come" replied Eric."Im alright, you ready for the tournament?" Alex Thunderstaff said. "Oh gosh its that Christopher Bluetail, I JUST KNOW HES GONNA RUIN THE EVENT" said Misthead creepily. "Hey thats not really nice, Chris he's overall a good guy" Replied Eric, "Thanks man" I said. "Hey everyone" said Edward, We all knew he was probably going to be there anyway but of course we said "Hey Ed, hows it going"?. "Its going good guys, I'm not here for the PvP although I'm here to chill an have fun". Then other wizards started to show up at the event such as Iridian Willowglen, Paige, Alex Lionheart, Its Azure, Its Michael, Kyle IceWielder, Paul, David Silverhunter, Anna, Thomas Lionblood, Val and a bunch of others came.

"Time to teleport to my house and get the party started!" Alex T said. "Sounds good" Paul C said. "mmmmmm PvP", Michael said. We then all ported to what looked like a ship wreck in Empreya, it was raining quite heavily there with a little forest to the left of the path although the ship and PvP arena was right in front of the Spiral door. "Well you guys ready for the tournament?" Alex said to everyone.No words came, but loud cheers definitely came therefore signaling that we were ready. "FIRST UP IN THE 1V1 TOURNAMENT IS Anthony Darkhunter VS Valdus Darkblade" Alex Thunderstaff yelled following with a huge cheer from the crowd. "Haha you don't stand a chance Mr. what is it Valdus?" Alex Lionheart said cooly. "Well we will see if I stand a chance or not" Val replied. "Alright are you ready to do this, haha I bet your still salty cause of all the mad trash I got a laugh off on my stream" Anthony said. "Well I guess? "Lets just get this over with" Val replied. "ALRIGHT GUYS LETS GOOOO"Cody yelled. "Yeah, good luck to the both of you"Eric replied. "My Wizard soul is speaking that we absolutely need to put my rap songs on blast during the matches cause we are a wiz gang, although the price is 10.99 plus tax". Michael said abruptly. "YEAS lets do that" I immediately replied. "It sounds like a great thing to do, but I need that 10 dollars for my gambling crowns", Alex Lionheart said. "Allow me first to say that you aren't even directly a member of Duelist101 let alone the leader, I mean if you go broke thats on you and Duelist aint gonna do nothin cause your just a member, you own nothing in this community but a dead Youtube channel". I said cooly. ". "Well Anna rejected you, because she wants to go out with a man not babysit a little baby who is nothing without your group which by the way is hated by the entire community unlike myself". "Oooh really I'm the baby, I challenged you to a 1v1 and you made Anna do it for you like if you were a man you would have fought me, and also I have had a lot of mistresses like Brynn and girlfriends like Mindy "I fired back "Guys its just my godly music that you can use for free like I was kidding about the price , calm down", Michael calmly replied with a little chuckle. "Yeah thats right, and we need to just need to get on with the match".Alex Thunderstaff said.

"Lets go I'm pretty ready to wreck", Anthony said. "Good luck to you" Val replied. "ALRIGHT EVERYONE WE ARE IN THE MATCH, AND WHOAH VALDUS GETS A FIRST ROUND SHADOW PIP, CASTING A STUN BLOCK. ANTHONY GOES WITH THE STORM LORD EVEN THOUGH HIS STUN STRAT HAS JUST BEEN BLOCKED!"Alex Thunderstaff announced "Best of luck to both opponents" Edward Lifegem said, "Definitely" Thomas L agreed. "Heyo Vanessa you down for some pet derby later, I've got a new strategy I just MIGHT beat you this time". Thomas L said. "Sure I think Moose is ready"Vanessa replied. "DID SOMEONE JUST SAY MOOSE AS IN MOOOOOOSEUH?"Kevin yelled, "Yes why?" Vanessa replied. "Were you talking about my Moose, the best blood bat in the world who is the sidekick of the God of peev". Kevin sound proudly. "Haha no, I was just talking about my pet who is also named Moose, and God of peev?" Vanessa said. "Have you heard of my greatness, I can win every match" Kevin boasted. "Well I'm glad you have found your talent".Vanessa said. "Haha no I've lost every match, with the THE Frostgiant"Kevin said before fainting. "Uh guys could use some help here, Kevin just feinted"Vanessa said. "Here we can help" Thomas said. Now we go back to the match, "OH GUYS THINGS ARE NOT LOOKING GOOD FOR VALDUS, HES LEFT WITH 500 HEALTH WHILE ANTHONY HAS 2190 HEALTH LEFT". Alex Thunderstaff blurted out. "You got this man" I said. "WWHHHHHHHAAAATTT OOH VALDUS PULLS OUT THE SNAKE CHARMER, COULD THIS END THE MATCH? OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH IT TOOK 3000 HEALTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Alex Thunderstaff yelled"All in a few minutes work, nothing to exciting" Val said, "Good game,I guess" Anthony replied. "Excuse me, but Valdus cheated like he's so toxic since he promotes cheating", David Silverhunter blurted out."HA thats exactly what you called me, toxic for no reason when we were just friends and had no issues"I said before adding "Your so childish like do you need diaper change, because we all watched the whole match and it wasn't broken at all". "Morgrim Shadowfishy, oh my gosh how did I not know how toxic Chris is", David Silverhunter said, "Its ok" Morgrim replied. "Haha so is Morgrim your dad, wow your like 30 and you still go to your dad for silly stuff like this, says a lot" I said laughing. "Just leave him be, he's not worth it son". Morgrim said. I saw Val so I walked over to congratulate him "Hey man, you won congrats", I said, "Thanks" Val replied.

"ALRIGHT THE NEXT MATCH IS.....", Alex Thunderstaff yelled before the clouds grew darker, and something was coming down the sky. It looked to be a person although you couldn't see them. "Hello peevheads, have you forgotten me?", the voice said, "I am a transcended being who wins every single match, I have 2k rank. The voice added. You may be wondering who I am, well I am THE Dakota Earthhorn, Son of Malistare and I have come for revenge". Dakota said. "Listen, your not going to get revenge on nobody". I said. "Oh really" Dakota replied, he then snapped his fingers and brought the ship crumbling down."You see I didn't call myself a God all these years for no reason", Dakota replied. "I will be notifying Merle Ambrose and other members of The Spiral council". Thomas L said. "Well than tell them this". Dakota said before putting squeezing his hands to  choke Thomas. "Excuse me, my name is Eric Stormbringer and I would like to kindly ask to let Thomas go he means everyone well." Eric said. "Well its not worth fighting about when I can just do it to you" Dakota said, Eric then teleported away which was probably the right thing to do. "So who dares challenge me now?". Dakota said laughing. There was silence, pure silence with not a sound from anyone or anything.

Then right before I could say anything some half human/half goat jumped out of no where. "Um hello what is everyone doing here, oh and is that Valdus let me help you get rid of Heather don't worry I can make up stuff to cover you up". "What the heck, like what is this species of wizhead, I hate all of you pretty much already although that comment is the dumbest thing I've ever heard", Dakota said. "I actually agree with you there", Val replied. "Alright whatever you are goat or human just please leave we're about to fight for the Spiral here", I said. "DID YOU JUST CALL ME THAT, MY NAME IS AUSSSSSSSSTEN, EMPHASIS THE SSSSSSSSSS UH". "Austin"? I said. "No Auusssssssssssss uh ten". He replied. "We don't have time for this, Its not worth our time" I replied. "How could you call me a goat, that is extremely offensive like your evil". Austin spatted out,  "Do you just expect me to argue with you all day Mr. Ex Goat Monk, go back to Mooshu an preach to your Cows because they're gullible enough to believe every word you say", I said with a smug. "OOOOH" everyone said after that one. "Luckily Mr Goat, I brought........", I was then interrupted by "ITS AUSTEEEEEN" Austin yelled , "Thats great, but as I was saying, Security get this goat outta here he smells". I said. "Yes sir, right on it" said my bodyguard. They instantly tackled him down, but as they dragged him out he was having a lot to say, "UGH YOU WILL NEVER LEARN THAT WHAT I IMAGINE ABOUT HEATHER IS TRUE, I DONT NEED EVIDENCE ALL I NEED IS TO PUT TWISTS ON EVERYTHING SHES EVER DONE IN HER LIFE LIKE HOW INFACTS SHE DOESNT VIEWBOT BUT I HAD A DREAM THAT SHE DID SO ITS A FACT NOW THAT WAY I CAN BE FAMOUS AN GET ALL THE PUBLICITY, CHRIS STOP THEYRE NOT YOUR FRIENDS BECAUSE YOUR A TOXIC PRICK WHO IS USING A DRAWING I MADE FOR YOU AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH" The creature yelled. "Did you guys actually know this creature here?" Dakota said, I looked over at Val an he just shrugged with a grin. "Nope I've never seen that creature before in my life,  but thats one fiesty goat ill give you that", "Maybe he was at the Goat PvP tournament and just turned into a goat", Val joked.

"Alright so are we going to get into the next match or what?" Alex Thunderstaff asked. "Just leave all of you, or this stuff is gonna take all day", Dakota said before simply snapping his fingers that threw people up in the air "as I said," All of you need to leave or your gonna get hurt which I honestly don't want to happen". "Haha your still that wizhead from so long ago, I said I was gonna pray for your future an this is why", Dakota said laughing, "Dont think I'm a good guy, because I'm not a good guy either". "Well we will see, before we fighting I have somethings to say to my cousin Valdus over there". "Well if it isn't Uncle Cyrus's little boy, the " good boy" who now thinks that he's the God of Peev, he's got all that popularity, heck even the Spiral Council likes you which is pretty laughable. You make the most corny uncle jokes I've ever heard of in my life oh and hairline like no wonder your dad Cyrus is bald. Oh and also lets not forget how your so desperate for views that you clickbait with stupid stuff like "Build A Wiz Workshop" or "Lets Get Scwifty" when you didn't even get scwifty. Oh and your grandma girlfriend of yours isn't gonna help you stop me, your going down Valdus and I'm taking back my throne as the God of Peev HeHEHEHEHEHEHE. "Dakota why are you so negative all the time, although OOOH YOU GOT SMACKED VALDUS #TARA CAT CLUB" Tara said . "Tara like your parents didn't love you enough which is why you say pathetic stuff like that to feel better about yourself". Dakota takes his sword an casts a spell pushing Tara far away an then says "Take your mediocre Tai Kwon doe skills elsewhere, to bad you quit an now are wasting all your scholarship money when you could have had a job already". Dakota said, an then someone bolted in real fast no one could tell just who exactly it was. "Uh who's that?" Dakota said nervously. "Oh you know me your literally obsessed with getting all that attention off me", she then takes off her sunglasses "its your girl Heather here to put you in your place",Heather said. "Ooh really well try me I would like to see you attempt to put me in my place, because I sure put your grandson Valdus in his place " Dakota said laughing. "Well you've got me fired up now, big mistake on your part cause Im a little better at roasting than Val no offense. First off look at yourself, your literally no one anymore. Even your best pals including Blaze are done with you, because you were giving them a pretty bad rep with all your childish outbursts in fact thats pretty much what all your friends did including Tara, an heck even Jay. I overheard you say we're desperate for views, I mean look at your sub count. Being stuck at 47k subscribers for like 3 years? Meanwhile we may have less subs but look how much we've grown in 1 year, we went from 5k to 15k. Also when you were banished from the spiral you literally said you were gonna "milk views out of it for bread", you see your the one who is actually desperate for crowns cause you wasted all of your wealth on spending way to much. Oh and another thing, you literally are such a coward you paid Pigeon Patrol to attack the Spiral since you were to scared to get in trouble although you already were anyway with the council. Did I overhear you call me a grandma, thats really cute coming from you because at least Val can get a wiz babe unlike you who even made a video and couldn't get even a girl from the Wu Dye Shop Club, with the 2k rank thats laughable that you had to pay for someone go out with you. You spend all your time talking about how much you hate your life to make you seem "cooler" well it just makes you look like a depressed little boy, cause if you really hated your life you would have changed it unless you want people to feel sorry for you. Plus unlike you people literally make money an fame off my name cause they are so obsessed with me including yourself, that just shows I'm 15 thousand times better than you'll ever be even if you take over the spiral for a grand total of 5 minutes which would only if you prayed to yourself since God doesn't like people who call themselves "Gods", can I get a big....." Heather was interuptted by a big OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DAKOTA JUST GOT ROASTED! yelled Tara Dawnbreaker not knowing no one gives a care.
"Meh all in a days work" Heather said smugly while taking a big sip of that Dr. Pepper.Dakota was stunned and basically had his mouth hanging down when Alex Lionheart interrupted. "Christopher Bluetail, its time for you to be blown away since I'm not letting a 10 year old baby win this fight with your petty insults. You literally were so childish you couldn't even accept being rejected by Anna because she doesn't want childish kids to babysit an you had to fight her boyfriend in a PvP match which you literally lost an said "why do i never win" I got so much more attention making memes off you than your little post about spam report awareness. The council loves me, I can diss anyone I want since I'm so powerful an rich. Im bigger than all your chums an you combined. You literally tried to ban the biggest fan site in the Spiral, haha funny oh and lets not forget your little "wedding" that you were stupid enough to tag everyone into it like whoah", Alex said before I cut him off. "Thats enough   out of you, henchman. You literally are the biggest joke I mean just be quiet enough roasting everyone its about time to get fighting".Then Dakota called to Alex saying "We will be back for the fight, Alex lets go. I hope all your mortals are ready" they then left an what comes next?"WHOAH WHO JUST WALKED IN, OOO", this girl named Natalie or whatever said, it was apparently my ex Mindy or Tntosion who had sunglasses on. "Oh hey everyone, I just came to say that Chris is a terrible kid who needs to be exposed for living. OOOh everyone I trolled him so hard hehehe hehehehe like everyone leave him alone so he's lonely since he's a danger to society, like please give me details so I can insult him even more :D. She said. Everyone then started laughing I walked up and said "Desperate for view an attention I see cause of your english accent? Well how much attention will I get for this?" I said very calmly, I then walked up to her and slapped her so hard in the face she fell over an of course everyone gasped an then someone named Brianna Iceweaver yelled, "Screeeeeeeeen, an record! We need to post this on Twitter!!!!!!!EXPOSED!". I then replied to everyone saying, "Im flexin on my ex, advice to all you boys there who's girl dumps them". I said while flexing my huge muscles, oh and one more thing "Tara is actually a 36 year old woman, who lies that she's 21 so that way no one makes fun of her"(ACTUALLY TRUE), put that on your headlines.

Well after that Dakota and Alex Lionheart had come back although this time they were ready to fight, I could see it in their eyes and they had their weapons with them. "Who's going to fight us?",  Dakota said. "Well anyone?" Alex said since there was pretty much dead silence and most people left out of fear and pure terror, but we didn't. "Guess theres no one who will" Dakota said, "No we will, we will fight you" I said. "I see, well your not gonna make out of this alive but lets get started" He replied.

Then Dakota shouted, "Wild Fam attack!" before he and Alex of course retreated again. The arena circle was so dark we looked around for what looked to be a woman creeped out, " Hello Its me Kristen Wild, the three of you are just evil human beings who used me and stole art, and also ummmmmm stole my event day which is just absolutely wrong. Ill just absolutely ruin you which you deserve an ill show that the Wild Fam is the best group at being kind, honest an real to others, because we all family." Kristen said.I said "Why don't you go back to Statefarm Jake?" Then what looked to be her friends started showing up, and let me say they looked pretty unkept and quite creepy honestly, I could see Steven and Austin giggling with someone named Chris about something and then what looked to be Jasmine and Mackenzie arguing about something, an then Some weird girl with pink hair named Taylor like I don't know. Then I see my Ex girlfriend Mindy talking to Anna and then I was instantly triggered but bit my tongue since we were about to wreck either way. Then Kristen said "Attack!" although I stopped it, and excused myself to walk over there "Anna how could you be talking to her?" I said immediately the auusssten kid said "HAHAHHAH NOBODY LIKES YOU" I cast stun and he's stunned for a few minutes I think. "Whats your problem Chris?" Anna replied, "Your literally talking to my ex like how could you do that, and your with that stupid boyfriend of yours who I fought by the way why would you let Tara try to get me kicked out of your server when you said you don't like her anymore?", I said "Its none of your business who I date or whom Im friends with, if you wanted to be my friend you wouldn't have been such a prick", Anna replied well at this point I was about to explode but I get signaled over as Austin's stun was wearing off. "Well you've crossed the line, and for the best of the Spiral I'm sorry but we must put you in your place" Val said. I could tell that both of our groups looked very tensely at each other for a minute before I yelled pointing my sword "CHARGE!" we then jumped into the PvP arena. Of course I went for the first round stun block, Val went for the tower shield, and Heather went for stormblade that round. Oh and side note there were 4 of them in the arena and only 3 of us. That round they all went for blades I mean Kris, Austin, Steven, and Jasmine were definitely private rank and are quite inexperienced. then the next round it looked like we were ready since this was battle and we couldn't speak about our strategy each one of us signaled with our eyes that we were ready to beat all 4 of them in the second round with hits , the 4 of them were booing us and saying all these insults to try and get us to give up, but there was no way we were going to and I feel inside they knew it. I went first and casted raging bull, and let me say this was one bad bull and stuck its horns up and charged at each of them although they still had health. Then for Val's turn he casted his infamous snake charmer spell, it then played its flute and the snake had begun to move around until it hit them. After that shot they were barely alive although well Heather had one last hit in store for them, her classic strategy of casting Storm Lord, you could see and hear each of them screaming in pain as the Storm lord electrocuted them from his hand taking their last bit of health. They then shook and were so scared after we had defeated them, while we had made it out without a single scratch. Apparently during our match we had gained a large audience all cheering out at us of course we bowed back while our opponents were begging for mercy, "We make a great team guys" I said, "Always Chris" Heather replied an then Val said "Yeah we do, cause we know da way of wiz" we then started laughing at the joke and the "da", Merle then said "Cheers for The Legacy Wizards!" and everyone clapped.

You may have thought that as the end, but its not or at least not quite yet since remember those were only minions and that the real villain Dakota and Alexander Lionheart still had to be defeated, and there was no way that was going to be an easy task despite us being basically the true Gods of PvP. "Oh and another thing, we arrested Alexander Lionheart for aiding a criminal so his trial will be coming soon" Merle said. Well in that case we still needed to defeat Dakota once and for all which may actually make this fight easier since after all we already knew where Dakota lived, which is in Khrysalis. We then used the Spiral door and were in the dark and bleak world of Khrysalis, Dakota's house was in the Sardonyx which I mean it wasn't to hard to find although walked through the creepy Silent Market well that was strange.

We then saw someone come out of the bushes and shook, "Who is that?" I said. "Its me FmSorcerer I'm just hear to sneak photos to stir up some drama thats all" Fm said. "On whom may I ask?" I replied, "Anyone including you who will make me relevant" Fm replied. "Uh ok, well we need to get going" Val said, "Later FM" I added. Then we see James The Ace in the other bush, an Fm then runs at him and they just start having a boxing match in the street. "YOUR THE REASON WE ENDED THE PODCAST ITS ALL YOU" FM yelled, an James shot back "YOUR TRYING TO GET VIEWS OFF MY NAME" and they just kept on and on until Sophia Dream yelled "STOP FIGHTING FM, JAMES IS A BAD BAD GUY". Alright so after that we simply decided to just walk on and let them take care of their fight or whatever that was. We then finally saw Dakota's house after about 2 to 3 hours of searching across the Sardonyx, some bugs were helpful and others well not quite. We then knocked on Dakota's door and he came out quite quickly, his house looked just like the Amber Estate so it definitely had that Last Wood vibe in it.

"Hello, as you can see we are here to confront you and win this fight". Heather said. "Well well granny you brought the whole team including my cousin, best of luck against me mortals", "We are going to bring you down once and for all so I wouldn't be so confident I mean after all WE ARE THE OVERLORDS, WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU OBVIOUSLY SO I HOPE YOUR READY TO BE WRREEECCCCKKKKKKKKKK ED". "Haha good luck kid" he replied. We then headed over to the arena pretty quick until we went through the portal and were in. "You kids won't actually beat me, I WILL GET THE FRICKING SHADS EVERY ROUND!" Dakota said confidently before adding "Also you won't just face me it won't be that easy HA HA HA HA HA HA HA NO you'll face my forms The Earthhorn, The Lotus, The OOOGRE,  The Fire all in ONE battle and I will beat you so easily since I saw the problems of the Spiral like my father although I believed that the only way to solve the problems of The Spiral was to become God, so now I am God and I am the only way to salvation. I am the only solution to creating peace,  stable leadership, and bring back my dad to rule The Spiral. Also to Val, you and your dad are a disgrace to my side of the Drake Family your side of the family brings us shame that you wouldn't side with us in ruling the Spiral. Your dad makes a living off yelling at young students while mine was dominating and taking over the worlds to make peace in the Galaxy. I tried to get you to come on my side, but you hide a sense of being absolutely stubborn in your personality which has gotten you into trouble with me A GOD! A LORD OF WIZ! YOU I WILL MAKE PAY THE MOST VALDOS! REMEMBER I AM HERE TO BRING PEACE AND RULE, WHILST YOU WANT TO CONTINUE THE DISASTER OF THE SPIRAL OOH THE SHADES OF THE HOUSE OF DRAKE ARE BEING DUST POLLUTED! ARE YOU MORTALS READY TO FACE A TRANSCENDED BEING! "Yeah whatever my dogs are gonna be so loud when I get home so lets not take to long" Heather replied. "Never been more ready to bring justice in my life" Val replied, and as for me I said this "WE WILL PUT YOU IN THE TRASH CAN! YOU AND YOUR SIDE OF THE FAMILIES REIGN IS OVER! WE ARE THE TRUE GODS OF PVP, WE ARE THE TRANSCENDED OVERLORDS! YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG SPIRAL, BECAUSE THE SPIRAL IS MY CITAY, AND I WILL FIGHT FOR IT NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We then jump into the arena circle, and of course Dakota is cheating.Now of course this fight isn't organized like every other fight no, we are all just casting spells at each other at once. So far we aren't doing to well we are down to like 3k health and he still has 7k, "Guys I've got a heal coming in so we can last longer" Val said, "Alright, thanks we got this" I replied. We then fought for a very long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNN LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Then out of nowhere some of Dakota's forms are looking weaker especially the Lotus which was the healer so that would definitely make the rest of the fight well easier. after we ended that form.

Now there are currently only 3 forms left, the ogre, the fire, and the Earthhorn. We are getting pretty close to ending this fight, the fight over who is the, PvP God. "I got the myth" Val said, "Alright I got the fire one over there", "Any hits this round"? Val replied. "Yea I'm gonna ffa the rest of his health at you?"I replied, "Im bringing the big guns, the one an only Nemo THE snake not A snake, but THE snake" Val said enthusiastically". "ONE DOWN" I said after bringing down the fire with my Ffa. "Alright bringing the myth down, yup he's gone". Val said, "Alright guys I'm going to try to bring down the balance"  Heather said. Now there was only us left and the balance left, this could end very good or very bad. Then the arena battle stops as Dakota's last form the balance is looking very angry but quite weak, he then pushes his hand out and yells "ALMIGHTY PUSH" into my direction into which I'm instantly thrown into the air and end up hitting the walls of his house, yeah that hit was pretty hard.

(Val's point of view)

"Heather go take care of Chris over there and leave,  this is my battle to finish for The Spiral!", I yelled over, "Alright ill take him over to a hospital, best of luck you can do this", Heather replied. "Thanks, see you guys later" I replied. I then look over and see Dakota smirking over at me before saying "Well you may have defeated my other forms, but there is no way that you can defeat this form the OP the Balance best school ever made. Im about to have my revenge against you cousin and I will reign over the Spiral and theres nothing you can do about it, because I AM THE PVP GOD". "My dad may be Cyrus and yours may be Malistare an they were brothers an I may be good at pvp but other than that thats about it,  other than that we are not the same. I use my skills to teach others the ways and you only use it to show off, because I'm still learning everyday and unlike you I'm not afraid to admit it. I may have a lot of haters out there, but I use them as a way to strive better and improve to show them. You need to focus on the positivity of things not always focus on the negative and bringing others down, you should have used your power and influence to be like my father Cyrus. He may be a tough guy on the outside, in fact almost expelling all of his new students yeah Merle wasn't to happy, but thats not the point. The point is that he unlike his brother uses his power for good and not evil, and he lives a much happier life than his brother did. You can say whatever you want cousin, but I will not follow your footsteps because I know who I am and what my purpose is in the Spiral. At this point you have 2 choices, first is that you follow me and I can show you the light or well I will have to fight you and bring you down myself an DAB ON THEM HATERS BRO! ,Anyways What is your response?" I said. "NO I WILL NOT BE TALKED DOWN TO BY A MORTAL SUCH AS YOURSELF WITH THAT HAIRLINE?, YOU WANT TO STOOP TO YOUR LEVEL OF HAVING A FLAT HAIRLINE? NO I WILL DESTROY YOU MYSELF AND I WILL BRING MY HENCHMAN TO WATCH ME ABSOLUTELY RUIN YOU IN A 1V1 AGAINST MY BALANCE, YOU HAVE MOCKED ME AND IM ANGRY NOW YAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Dakota yelled back.



(Back To Val's point of view)

"Well in that case you leave me no choice" I said, I felt just a little bit nervous as he was a balance school although I was mostly confident that I was going to win this fight, Ive got this my deck is set up for 1v1ing a balance I SETTED WHOOPSIE although this is a fight for the Spiral so I have to go absolutely try hard. Lastly Ive got my pet and gear all set so its time for me to go in. "Youve just stood there and not said a word in a minute, are you scared?" Dakota said. "Nah Ill be ready to fight in ONNNNEEEE second I just need to pop some Tide pods into my mouth for good luck" I replied laughing before popping a pod into my mouth. "LETS GO MORTAL!", "Aight man" I replied. We then go into the arena and are at turn one, luckily I pull in a tower since I'm first. He then casts lore master first round, and I say "Excuse me but its not loremas?". "NO ITS MY HOLIDAY!" Dakota replied, "Yikes ok then". I replied. Next round I pull the myth blade, and this fight basically goes like any other PvP match for about an hour it feels like since we both were using the blade strat and were basically waiting for one of us to hit, wait oh no he pulls Gaze and we are about to rest in GG. "HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA IM THE PVP GOD, BOW TO ME MORTAL I AM THE PVP GOD AND I AM THE RULER OF THE SPIRAL NOW AND NO ONE CAN STAND IN MY WAY"!!!!!!!!Dakota yelled grinning and laughing. I close my eyes as gaze is sure to beat me, I just feel it. Ive lost and let the Spiral down, but until I'm pronounced defeated there is no way I'm giving up, because I am Valdus Darkblade and I NEVER give up no matter what the risk. I then tried to block the hit and I wasn't quite able to, although I just BARELY TANKED and had only 1 health left although I was barely hanging on and knew I was gonna need a lot of rest and medical attention after this fight as I had lots of pretty bad cuts, bruises all over me who knows I may have broken a bone , but I don't pay attention to any of that as I must finish this. After I thought about it an got up after that hit I noticed Dakota was laughing an saying "I won, therefore I am the God of PvP how does it feel to loose?" Dakota said, I replied with "I am still here and ready to finish this once and for all, you made 2 mistakes Dakota. First you messed with my family and friends , second you messed with the wrong Spiral an I'm going to show you how I feel about that even if I die trying, theres no escape to this fate, theres no loopholes nothing its time Karma hits you", I then did the biggest dab with the energy I had left and then I waved around my sword an casted my favorite spell of all time, King Artorious. "Hello there, Valdus before I strike down this evil I would like to say that Avalon as well as the rest of the Spiral applauds what your doing, I admire you Valdus for your bravery and courage" Artorious said "Thank you King Artorious" I replied. Then blade after blade just broke as fast as lightning and then I critical so I really feel the power flow through my veins as the dragon comes at Dakota and swallows him whole before spitting him out defeated.

By now it was very dark and Dakota was lying on the ground, he looked just as beat up as I did and then he looked like he was about to say something so I looked over at him and he said "Well you are the true God Of PvP, you have shown me your skill and I go down defeated unable to avenge my father, some game eh?", "Some game" I replied, after that then about 100 police came around to arrest Dakota and Merle addressed me by saying "Well done young wizard, you have brought down Malistares son, your own cousin for the better of the Spiral which shows you have true courage". "How are Heather an Chris doing are they ok?" I replied, "Yes they're fine, and Chris is having his wounds taken care of" Merle replied. "Well thanks I would like to go and see them", "Heyyyyy guys whats up?" I said. "Val your ok!", Heather said as she ran up an hugged me. "Yeah I'm fine, just had what you could call some Rumble PvP, nothing to out of the ordinary" I replied chuckling. "Sup Chris, you doing ok over there?", "Yea I'm alright just broke a few bones, but don't worry it won't be to long until we can play tag again in the arena", Chris replied. "Well I'm just glad everyones alright, we did this as a team and we should all be very proud of ourselves at what we've done for the Spiral, because each one of us did something to bring down evil".


"I WOULD LIKE TO ANNOUNCE EVERYONE THAT THE TEAM WHO SAVED THE SPIRAL HAS JUST RECOVERED FROM THEIR INJURIES, GIVE IT UP FOR THE LEGACY WIZARDS!" Merle yelled, everyone then clapped real loudly and cheered them on for they had saved the Spiral from evil. In the end Heather got some more muscles to fend off intruders so lets just say she won't be robbed from again, in the end Chris got let back into all the Discord servers he was banned from and everyone loved him for being the obnoxious person that he is, and lastly Val in the end was able to get a new hairline reccomendation from a beauty specialist and now the fangirl's mouths drop when they see him, oh and did I mention he got his snake to no longer bite at dinner time.



Response To Tntosion's Video About Me

While yes I don't do drama anymore nor respond to the hate because it makes them win and feel better by victimizing their target, I do feel the need to respond to Tntosion After all she was my girlfriend for 4 months and based on that I feel entitled to respond.

Your video disgusts me, you made up about 95% of what you said in your video from the screenshots with either made dramatic, or just downright insulting such as the part where your going on about how I am an attention seeker I mean I think your talking about yourself. Also when the PRIVATE messages your shared, well they call it PMs for a reason like have I ever shared private messages? No, because PMs are PRIVATE and sharing them is absolutely messed up, and also involving yourself in other dramas I'm in and personally going to my enemies and begging them for screenshots and just tweeting mad trash about me I mean look how quietly I've been. You said that I was "begging" to get married in wiz which that wasn't the case, you knew that in the first place I didn't want to do it and none of my friends agreed with it either so don't say I was wanting to marry you in wiz. Another thing you were asking where I live and I had literally known you for a week like do you expect me to just give you that information? You say oh Galaxy and I "exposed him", the only thing you've exposed is your sunburn you got in the Australian dessert. Also in the "troll" section, like that is messed up that our whole relationship was a troll just to bring you relevancy and to defame me, make me look bad which is messed up. If you really didn't want to be with me, you could have just been honest with me about your feelings and I would have been totally fine with it. Perhaps the biggest issue in your video is in your "troll" you make fun of me committing suicide which is absolutely messed up and I cannot believe that people in the community are condoning that, thousands of people commit suicide every year. I haven't dealt with suicide personally in my life, but even I know that it really hurts families, friends and that its a very serious and unfortunate issue. Here you are making fun of such a serious topic, you played with my emotions when you could have just been honest. Oh and also another thing that is related to the suicide topic, you said in your video that "God didn't make a good Human being", and that "God regrets putting me on this Earth" I mean saying those things are absolutely wrong I mean I have never said such things to ANYONE for ANY reason. That troll video was a mistake on your part and I hope that you never do this again to people you get together with, also you even admitted to trying to use me like why would people condone that. You say "HE IS A" like you sound like a newspaper reporter and that your just in the middle. Austin and all the Wild Fam, Wiz Head Anthony, Galaxy, Natalie and all the others you guys need to get off your computer, because I'm all for people who have made mistakes and make a CHANGE its never to late to change yourselves for the better and that its never to late to join me and my crew who promote a positive community and to be a better person all around since its never ok to bully someone no matter what the situation cause this is the internet and you never know what they go through in their real life.

What I'm about to say is NOT how you handle situations like this, but this needs to be said to Tntosion as a learning experience.

Tntosion, Pack your bags, unplug your router in Sydney since you just need to get off your computer and go to the Austtralian desert to live with the Kangaroos maybe they'll teach you some respect and how to treat people right I mean if your like this no wonder your parents won't drive you home from school, because your only nice to them to get stuff from them which is what you did to me may I add. We are NEVER getting back together, and I hope that you learn how to be a decent human being and that I only wish you the best.


Well its really hard to say this, and I'm not leaving the community I plan on being here permanently. Although ill go over several reasons why I'm going into "semi retirement" which ill explain in a little bit. The first thing I would like to say is that the hate is PART of the reason that I'm doing this, if I had just hate alone though I would stay full time so to my haters, you haven't won so please don't think that your the reason I'm talking to you Tntosion as well . The videos people have made over the past few days about me and the response from the community though was put into consideration although it wasn't what completely caused this. The main reason that I'm going into semi retirement is, because Heather has been gone for awhile and Val's annoucement going on hiatus as well was the last straw for me and was a big blow for me personally. Thats the biggest reason that I'm doing this, because their my triangle and without one side its not a triangle without 2 its not even a shape. Basically they're my crew and I just can't be around here at this point without them I mean after all they're the ones who brought me to this community and where I am now, but basically I just can't be here without them I mean I could go deeper into that although its personal and I don't want this to be to terribly long.

Now let me explain what "Semi retirement" means. Basically it means that I wont be in the community on Twitter AS MUCH ill only come on occasionally or every other week or so. If you want to talk to me on Twitter or discord I will still reply since as I said I'm not leaving. I still plan on attending some events in the community I'm not sure how many, also I plan on being more laid back and relaxed on everything around here. At some point I may decide to come back full-time I'm not sure although no matter what happens I'm never fully leaving the community. I appreciate everyone,  I hope that you understand that without my crew around that I just can't be here as often without them around because its just not the same when they aren't around.


Christopher Bluetail, aka @BluetailChris

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


As you guys probably know I’ve gotten a lot of hate on an off about my rank and all that jazz in pvp, I made up being an overlord an being a warlord bascially because I always wanted to be one. I’m actually decent in quick match tournaments and 2v2, 4v4s but that’s it. Although there is one way that I can reach to the top and mark on the pvp community and the community in general.My goal sounds stupid but it’s to have the most losses ever and to be the biggest troll of the arena, I may not be an overlord but I can be the biggest loser ever made. Planning on doing a lot with this goal

Sunday, December 31, 2017


Happy New Year!!

Dont know about you, but I'm ready for the new year. 2017 overall has definitely had its ups and downs as any year although it was overall alright. For 2018 I've got a lot planned for the future on this blog and the community. Definitely plan on making lots of improvements on myself in 2018. Best of luck in the New Year folks!

-Christopher Bluetail




Thoughts On Empreya Part 2

Overall my opinion of the new part of Empreya is quite impressive an there were a lot of really cool areas in it. I like how a lot of the ol...