Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Summary Thoughts On Empryea Test Realm 2017

Well since I haven't posted on here in a bit why not have 2 posts in one day? My thoughts on the new test realm are that it is simply INCREDIBLE! For those who have not done test realm you may want to read this article in a week or so to avoid spoilers about Empryea.

I have not done much of the test realm myself, but I have helped friends do test realm on Empryea and you can find pictures of what the world looks like on my Twitter. The new world so far to sum it up, it pretty much features from a wide variety of characters that we have seen in past worlds. For example in Empryea, it has the goat monks originally from Mooshu. I have also seen statues that look like the ones seen in Khrysalis, along with other characters which really impressed me how they combined them all in one world kind of like what they did in Avalon back in 2012.

The storyline is also quite exciting with the ship at beginning I mean that ship even had a lavatory I mean thats quite fancy. Overall I'm really impressed with the new world, and you should be as well :). 

More posts coming in the future

What ACTUALLY Is The Fastest Way To Get Gold?

Well I'm still having issues getting pictures on my site so again I apologize that, and also for not being able to post as much because of that.

As those of you that follow me on Twitter know that lately I have been questing on my balance Artur Bluetail, I've learned something I didnt know before, and that is that actually there is a faster way of getting gold than farming the gold boss in Wintertusk. All you need to do is questing/help people through their quests and you will get gold quicker than farming the gold boss. You see helping people comes with advantages doesn't it?

Monday, October 16, 2017

Respectful Rant On Hate Towards Me And Others

Let me start this mini rant by saying that not all people have been causing hate and some people have been very supportive lately, some of them are Steven Iceblade, Edward Lifegem, BranWildblade, BenSBMirage, ChrisTheDeathWiz, and several others and I would like to thank for supporting me when I needed it last night and today.

I would like to say to the people, I'm not going to mention him, but I will mention his guild/clan  named Winter Warriors since most people in his group have gone after me already, but not all members. Im saying his name because if you really want to know who said this to me check my Twitter, but based off a match I had on Sunday with a guy I honestly don't get along with very well apparently the guy who later said these awful things to me ported over to someone at my house I'm honestly not sure and won't blame who he ported to. I made a post on Twitter about the PvP match party and such and at first I was mentioned in the post from the guy who would say these awful things that i wasn't a warlord which kinda annoyed me because I already get a lot of hate and stuff from just saying I'ma warlord its ridiculous. Although what really hurt was when he started to spam "die" in my notifications and kept egging me on when I responded to him, I didn't expect I would be as hurt as I was but I got very emotional last night after that I mean who wouldn't? Im grateful that there were people in this community who supported me during that as I mentioned earlier, but why do people make this drama? What do they get out of it? I mean its ok to make a joke but to say "its a meme" after you tell someone to " die" now thats honestly disgusting you can offer me no excuse that pardons you, but you haven't even considered.

Of course while I have had a lot of support from the community there are people who have sided with the guy who said these awful things to me saying things like calling me a "lier" and an that I want "attention" or that I'm a "fake warlord" one person even had the guts to call me "retarded" which I have said all ima say about that on Twitter from the hate I got back in August because I mean all of this I've gotten in 24 hours. I am human and I have made mistakes in the past, but I have apologized and corrected what I have done wrong unlike this guy who has said these things to me, and other people who have criticized my rank. I don't understand why my rank would get all of you guys to hate on me I really don't I could go through a lot more hate ive gotten lately, but its all about this warlord issue and I honestly do not understand why people would hate on me so much they would say that.

Although whats even sadder is that other people have been recieving a lot of hate lately, I mean Heather&Val's streams are being repetitively dosed which is even more sick than the hate I'm getting since its actually effecting their internet and interupted a stream for CHARITY! There is nothing more messed up that ddosing someone who is trying to raise money for charity and on other streams they are only there for people to have fun and make friends, as you can see through the hate I'm recieving and H&V you can see that the reasons people are doing all this stuff are honestly pointless and are being done for no reason. Ive seen hate to Edward Lifegem as well even today and he literally did nothing but was streaming and someone came and said his stream "sucked" or something like that. This community is better than this I know it is, I have been nobody until 2016 but that doesn't mean I haven't kept up with the community all these years I just wasn't able to find my way into here until now. People need to take a step back and realize that bullying people for no reason is wrong, I mean you never know what people are going through, this community was made for people to come into this world to be able to escape reality and their problems that they face that make life really tough for them , and when you do all this stuff it really just hurts I can relate because that person is me.

To the Winter Warriors and the Angelic Dolls guilds,  you can say all you want to me but I have people who I trust and who've got my back no matter what. Ive got true friends who care about me, who support me, who take the time to correct me when I make mistake, who laugh with me, cry with me, talk with me, and no matter what you say as long as I have those people in my life (You know who you are) what you say will not bring me down, it may knock me off balance although it won't knock me down. My suggestion for what you guys should do is to simply go back to Cyclops Lane, and have some fun with the lumbering trolls while I'm living it up with the rest of the community.

Thanks for reading this rant I simply had to make to respond to the bullies of the community with, I apologize once again for not posting in awhile on here but I'm still having issues with iCloud which means I cannot put pictures in my posts so well Im going to have to get that fixed soon, but keep updated on that with my specific blog twitter @Bluetail'sTales , and for everything else follow me on @bluetailchris , I don't use instagram as much but my instagram is @bluetailchris as well.

Thanks for reading, hope you can join the cause of DABBIN ON THEM HATERS!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Why I Haven't Been Posting On Here As Much

Ive been wanting to post quite a few articles lately but for some reason the photos from my iPad haven't been transferring to my computer to be put on this blog. Ive been trying to see whats wrong for a few days, but I know all of you would be very disappointed if i simply just uploaded posts with no pictures so I don't plan on posting content until I can get that fixed for you guys.

Keep up with me on Twitter @bluetailchris

Ill update you as soon as i can get it fixed.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

1 Year Aniversary Tribute To Heather&Val

Wow on tomorrow September, 27 I can't believe its already been a year since I got with you guys, and so much has changed! The full story of how I met you guys is quite embarassing, but I thought you guys may be curious. Well what had happened first was that I came across one of your videos last August, it was the school furniture packs one I believe, and I noticed just how much you guys were having so I told myself I have got to find them and get into the group since I was quite lonely and just wanted some friends so I did something very embarrassing. Ok phew here it is, after I saw the video and decided I had to meet you guys I would go to the arena everyday and I mean everyday for hours switching realms, looking through the matches at the time. I even took it as far as doing that in several other places, I know you guys are cringing right now, because I am .  You can tell that I got quite desperate, but One day after about a month of doing that I came across someone who knew you, I then ported over where I met with you. I still can remember the first night when I saw y'all , and I was going pretty crazy as you may remember Val although everyone else was really calm ingame, and also in the call.  On the first night the only picture I have is this one picture I took with Heather in the arena, kinda had to sneak it in before the next match since I was like uhhh would she mind? To be completely honest when I first met y'all I was worried that you guys wouldn't except me or would think I'm weird or that annoying little kid that interrupts or makes mistakes all the time, but in the end that wasn't the case and I'm very grateful that it wasn't the case even though I can say I have done all of those things at some point or another can't lie.

                            "Yes I know I look kinda bad, but I was kinda a nobody back then"

The first really important thing you guys did for me was the next day when my account was almost banned due to a spam reporting incident by a well known figure of this community and his friends. If it weren't for you an Val giving me advice on what to do in the call with this mess such as , telling me to explain it to Kingsisle, and helping me through the mess my account would have been permanently banned . To this day that favor you guys did for me means a lot to me, and I still dont know how to pay you guys back. Yes we seemed to farm Youkai a lot back in those days, did you ever get what you were farming for?

                                                                "Farming Youkai"

So for the rest of that week we just farmed Youkai, watched tournaments and other daily things nothing to exciting. I took the photo below, because I was about to go out of town for the weekend and I was worried and I mean WORRIED that I would come back and y'all would be gone, because again I was still trying to impress so I took the picture below right before I left since I was quite afraid yall would be gone off my list, also Brandon I didnt forget to also shout you out to since I've known you about the same time as y'all can see in the photo below.

                        "First Photo with the crew before going out of town as usual on weekends"

Well I was shocked, but I came back an they were STILL THERE, AND ONLINE! Of course I ported and we had quite a good time at each others houses since by then we were from what it looks like going through the Halloween packs, and I have forgotten how or why Heather got stuck in that bed I guess it will always be a mystery maybe from reading her book to much? We will never know.

                                                  "What looks to be reading a little much?"

The next big memory I have from back in the day was when y'all were taking a night to farm Mirror Lake since well the daily streams didnt quite exist yet, but anyway I came along for a run or to and at the end I finally worked up the nerve to ask to take the first group picture. Looking back I dont regret it its come to be quite a special picture to me to preserve our early days of friendship, by the way we had a smashing good time in Mirror lake a lot of fun.

                                                     "First group picture with the crew"

Pretty soon after that I remember when you came to me and asked if I wanted to be in a video, I was so shocked I couldn't believe it so of course I just ported right over, and we definitely had a lot of fun. The video was an announcement about a 60k crowns giveaway back sometime in October I'm not quite sure. Also shoutout to Robert Dragoneyes, we became quite good friends back then and still are today be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel RobertDragoneyes. P.S thanks again for the pet hatch the other week :)

                                                  "First video I was in with the crew"

The next big thing we've done so far was back in November when Mirage went into test realm, and we started streaming on the daily . Let me say those early Mirage test realm days oh man, I remember teleporting every second to every battle. I must have gotten sooo annoying, but sometimes I can be a little bit. I still remember one time in specific when you were testing out Iron Sultan, and I was running around the duel circle heheh I was slightly embarassed. I remember the PvP house party where I took this picture and let me be the first to say we had a lot of fun that night, but boy did we go on late although if my memory serves me correctly I think we did this on a Friday night :D.

                                 "Group picture with the crew at the then new Mirage Bundle"

From there and on we just have had chatting, fun, laughs, storytelling, help when needed, lots of singing everyday , on discord, streams, out of streams, and on Youtube. You guys are the best friends a person could have and I'm so thankful to have you in my life for a year now. I hope we can be best pals for many years through Wizard101 and beyond. You guys have made a huge impact on my life, before I met you guys I was quite lonely in life since I had just started High school, and didnt have anyone to call a friend until you guys came into my life. I say this again, but if you ever need anything please message me XD

I asked to take this group picture with you guys the other week to symbolize just how much we've changed since back then so that we can be able to compare us last year to now.


My advice to you guys is to continue what you have started and continue to change peoples lives in a variety of ways just like mine, you took a silly annoying Commons spam talker like me, and changed me into someone I never thought I could ever be. Dont let anyone get in your way and as you guys always say Dab on them haters! You guys mean the world to me, you guys accepted me for me for nothing less, and nothing more. That was all I had ever wanted in life, and God brought it to me through you. Someday I hope I can pay you the unpayable debt I owe you guys for the impact you made on my life :)

KEEP BEING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signed, your best pal

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Needed Apology To The Artists Of The Community

As many of you guys know I uploaded a video last week about when Cannonblast burned my drawing, and made a blog post about "clearing up" the drama which I didnt lie about anything , but I did make mistakes when I took it to far and I'm sorry to all of you. I would like to say that like everyone else I'm human I make mistakes and I made a big one here as all of you guys know. Im very sorry about the way I've acted towards all of you, some I've caused more trouble to than others and some less but regardless Im equally as guilty. I brought all this to myself when I have caused trouble with people in the past so I suppose that any hate I get or have gotten I deserve , although while I'm apoligizing to all involved I would like to mention some specific people that I really have wronged in the past week.

They are...

Steven Iceblade



Austin Icethorn


Kristen Wild




Noah Darkrider

If I have forgotten you please let me know, but these people so far are the ones who have been the most directly involved in my vast carelessness throughout the last week that I have no excuse for, because For once in my life I'm going to straight up say that I wronged everybody in some way shape or form and I ask for your forgiveness so that we can make amends and move on from my mistakes together.

Thanks for your time the community appreciates what the artists do for all of us , stay tuned for more posts in the future

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Well everyone yesterday I hosted my first official Wizard101 event and things went quite good, in this article Ill be summing up what we did, sort of like what I did for my K I live vlog a few days ago so I hope everyone enjoys :).

Ok so to start the event I went to the Commons realm Phoenix about 30 minutes before the event so the event.
                                                     "Me waiting in the Commons"

Alright so after a little bit maybe 15 minutes some people started showing up to the event and we had some fun talking about what we were going to do and more stuff along those lines.

                                                        "Chatting with the early birds"

     This is about 10 minutes before the event and a few more people showed to the event, here specfically we were planning out what we wanted to do and what order to do it in.

                                             "Getting everything planned out for the event"

Then about 6-7 minutes after everyone showed up we all teleported over to my house and started to get partying!
                                                "Everyone here and ready for some fun"

Well everyone had wanted to play castle games first so thats exactly what we did.

                                                           "Me as Sherlock Bones"

Well lets just say that this was definitely a very close game, and every had a lot of fun.

                                                       "Very close game everybody"

Alright so the next game everyone wanted to play was some good old fashioned Wildfire tag!

                                                        "Playing some Wildfire tag"

Congrats to Kelly Spiritblade for winning, I hope you got some good things from the pack.

                                                              "We have a winner"

As you'd expect a party where everyone wanted to play Castle games after wildfire tag then everyone wanted to play some food fight and as you can see my food got swiped a few times :D.

                                                                    "Food swipe!"

Well things got pretty tense here when the gobbler over there started to stare over at me, but then again its a food fight.
"Gobbler keeping an eye out"

Alright so what happened was the fire elves just set the snowmen on fire in this competition because fire school rules XD.

                                                         "Fire elves take the victory"

I just thought that as the gobbler was coming from the PvP arena he was looking just a bit upset so I thought I should show him this sign here.

                                                              "Very important sign"

Alrighty so next up was the PvP tournament portion of the event, and also I was very glad that Edward Lifegem from Around The Spiral With Edward was able to come to the event, I have his site link in my blogroll so be sure to check him out.

                                       "Watching the PvP tournament with Edward Lifegem"

After that match we had the 2nd match and in the end Cameron won I believe I may be wrong.

                                             "Second PvP match with Cameron and Caleb"

The last thing we did before the party was over was have one last PvP match with me versus Caleb although my computer crashed so we never knew who won or who lost but good game Caleb.

                                                                     "Last match"

That was the event I hosted yesterday, thanks to all who came based on how this event went I plan on hosting more events in the future although they will obviously be more planned out in advance since it won't be my first event next time.

I plan on the next article being a bit different so please stay tuned!

Summary Thoughts On Empryea Test Realm 2017

Well since I haven't posted on here in a bit why not have 2 posts in one day? My thoughts on the new test realm are that it is simply IN...